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January 8, 2009

Dear friends,
    I want to apologize to Elaine and Kirby who we failed to get seated on the school board.  I am sorry we couldn't get you into office.  Really I am.  I know there were people that didn't believe ASD was still using Investigations because the press reported they were changing to something more balanced.  The press wouldn't respond to our emails before the election about this deceit by the district, and the public bought into the lie that Investigations was gone.  This latest math newsletter from ASD just shows the absolute brazenness of the people we are dealing with.  They know they will not be held accountable and now it's time to push the constructivist agenda forward.  Read the attachment or at least these clips below.

    From the first paragraph:

"Alpine School District’s Balanced Math philosophy gives teachers a vision of what math instruction should be like. It states that students should:
1.) understand mathematics through inquiry-based tasks that are linked to a real world context,
2.) show work using a variety of tools and strategies, and
3.) provide frequent opportunities for mathematical expression through flexible grouping and class discussion."

At the top of page 2, we read:

The heart of a three-part inquiry lesson is a worthwhile mathematical task (WMT). These WMTs are used to introduce important mathematical ideas and to engage and challenge students intellectually. “...tasks may be connected to the real-world experiences of students, or they may arise in contexts that are purely mathematical. Regardless of the context, WMTs should be intriguing, with a level of challenge that invites speculation and hard work” ( NCTM Principles and Standards, 2000). These tasks should allow students to solve problems in a variety of ways, at multiple levels of understanding, and be rich in mathematics. An excellent source for worthwhile mathematical tasks is the Investigations in Number, Space and Data Teachers’ Edition."

The next section informs teachers they should select WMT's to use in class every day.  In other words, ASD is wholeheartedly endorsing the use of Investigations math for teachers in the classrooms.  We've been lied to yet again.  Orem folks?  You ready to break off yet?  Save yourselves...

Oak Norton








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