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May 30, 2007


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I wasn't going to do an update this week but I had to comment on something and note it in my site. A few weeks back I mentioned something Spock said in Star Trek VI and while researching quotes on truth, discovered the writers of Star Trek were merely quoting another perfectly logical individual when Spock said his lines. The actual quote and source are as follows:

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth?"
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In God We Trust Poster Update

Almost all the schools have been picked up for and delivered to. Today the superintendent got put into a tough position which I hope he makes the right call on. A couple schools that have had posters delivered to them have refused to take them or pass them out to the teachers without the approval of the district (almost all the others have been very pleased to have received them). So with that roadblock, I emailed the superintendent to ask if he would quickly send an email to the principals that the district has no problem with patrons passing out the posters to the teachers and that teachers are free to do as they choose with the posters. If he fails to do this, he knows this will go to the press since the Tribune has already spoken with him for the article it appears now will run this weekend. I expect he will do the wise thing and send the email out soon.

There are four schools remaining that I need volunteers for. You do not have to be a parent at these schools, I just need someone to volunteer to drop them off to the schools immediately, and tell the principal or office staff that they are a gift for the teachers and school, from the patrons of the district, and we would love to see them posted by the flags in each classroom. Here are the schools and cities they are located in:

Cedar Valley Elem Cedar Fort
Deerfield Elem. Cedar Hills
Eagle Valley Elem Eagle Mountain
Harvest Elem Saratoga Springs

BYU and Democracy


One of you sent me this study a little while ago hosted on the University of Washington's site and on page 107 it describes a project called:

Promoting and Conducting Comprehensive Research Related to the Agenda for Education
in a Democracy

Oddly enough, Vern Henshaw is listed as one of three representatives involved in this project. I'm really not certain what to make of this but if any of you are familiar with it I would enjoy knowing more about this. Multiple subjects are mentioned including math (unsurprisingly trying to figure out how to get teachers to instruct students in a "deeper understanding of math"), and mentoring (an interesting subject which I'd like to read more on what their studies have found). A secondary literacy study makes me nervous as it discusses getting students to learn "thinking strategies".

Utah State Constitution on Education

For those of you that would like to read the state constitution section on education, here's the link:

Utah State Constitution, Article X, Education


Till next week,

Oak Norton


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