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October 31, 2007


  • Brief Update
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  • WMD Screensaver
  • Discount Fest

Brief Update

Not a lot to report on currently. I'm waiting for a copy of the math bill that will be presented to the interim committee. I almost didn't do an update this week except... I got this next item tonight...



Looks like another district where parents are walked on and even sued by the district. This district in Galveston has actually hired an attorney to watch this website each day to see if they can nail the people running it. Amazing.

WMD Screensaver

Fighting fuzzy math is never an easy battle, but with the Weapons of Math Destruction screensaver, it's never been as enjoyable. With volume 1, watch the first fifty comics blast the insanity of constructivism across your desktop. Order now to help support the ongoing battle to peacefully disarm fuzzy math. Special bonus for subscribers of this email letter...use discount code "FightFuzzies" when checking out for 20% off!!!

Order now by clicking here - PC version only - contact me if you want a Mac version

I hope that's not too commercial for you. I was contemplating what, if anything, I'd ever do with these comics. It's actually cost me a bit of money to do what I've done and I hope you're not thinking ill of me for offering this for money. I know not everyone wants a screensaver, but now it's available. I've actually had some people ask about t-shirts and such and maybe I'll get around to setting up a Cafepress store one of these days, but...everything takes time.

Discount Fest

As we approach the Christmas season, I know some of you have businesses of your own and if you are able to sell products with a discount and would like to offer it to readers of this list, please send me your store link and discount codes and I'll send out an ad sheet next month so everyone on the list benefits. Maybe you'll all find something you didn't know you needed but can't live without...like Singapore math books. :)


Oak Norton

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