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June 27, 2007


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Hi all,

One of our signers thought I should point out a feature on my website of something I did in October 2005. At that point we had a lot of signers on the petition and we have many more now, but as the saying goes, a picture's worth a thousand words.


Standards Review

Just a reminder that if you can spend a few minutes reviewing the state standards, here's the links and to the survey the state has online. As I mentioned before, exponents and logarithms almost didn't make it into algebra 2 without the external review, and now I've learned quadratics were touch-and-go for algebra 1. It's become more apparent to me what a huge risk this has been opening up the standards for redo. With 11 of the 16 committee members comprised of people that didn't want to change the standards, they very easily could have destroyed math education completely rather than improve on what we had. We are fortunate that certain members of the committee prevailed in getting an external review performed by a qualified expert.



You can leave feedback here on the state survey.

Indoctrinate U - Movie Trailer

Someone sent me a link to this movie trailer and it looks like a great piece of work exposing the agenda being pushed in colleges and the lack of true academic freedom of speech and even thought.


Something Worse than Investigations

OK, you thought it wasn't possible, but here's the link to...Social Justice Math.

Media Articles

The decision to home school by Brooke Barker
Good article with links to resources if you're interested in this adventure.

Math core too lax? Comments sought by Laura Hancock
I sent this link out last week separate from the update but wanted to archive it here.

Senator Bennett

Our dear friend Senator Bennett voted his conscience on Tuesday to give amnesty to illegal aliens by voting for cloture on the immigration bill. Senator Hatch voted against cloture but some would question his motives as politically expedient and that he probably would have voted for cloture if his vote had been needed to surpass 60 votes. Either way, I would like to ask you to make two phone calls if you feel strongly about people following the law and securing our border.

1) Call Senator Bennett's office and express your disappointment that he voted for amnesty. If his office staff tell you it wasn't amnesty, politely tell them you are his constituent and it is your view that any vote for cloture is a vote for amnesty. Ask that he vote against cloture on the 2nd vote upcoming. His phone number is (202)-224-5444.

2) Call Senator Hatch's office and thank him for voting against cloture on the immigration bill. Request that he vote against cloture on the upcoming 2nd vote. His number is (202)-224-5251.

Audio Archive

If you wanted to hear me blab on about the poster project last Friday and missed it, here's a link to the interview mp3.

Delane England Interview

WMD Wallpapers Available

For any of you that might want a wallpaper with a WMD comic on it, I've created a few which you can select from. If you don't see your favorite, let me know and I'll try to put a few more up in the next week that meet your requests.


Till next week,

Oak Norton


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