Weekly Math Updates

November 11, 2005

Hi all,

It looks like great articles appeared in the NY Times and one in the Deseret News this past week.  The Times piece is about the fight in Penfield, NY to get rid of Investigations and parallels exactly what's going on here.  You need to register to read the article (it's free to register).  Just so you know, I contacted the author and he has requested additional information from me on our fight in Utah.  I have directed the author to the public comments in several places on my website and would like to invite you to quickly share your feelings about Investigations math in my forum if you have not done so, especially if you have negative personal experiences.  We want to make a good first impression. :)


'Innovative' Math, but Can You Count?

Samuel Freedman


    The Deseret News picked up the story on the new charter school Lincoln Academy and its grand opening of their new building and tells a little about what this charter school's curriculum is about.  I understand they filled to capacity during the fall after announcing they weren't using Investigations math.  I wonder why?  I wonder if the school board knows why?



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