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September 12, 2007


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  • Outstanding and FREE Internet Filter - Protect Your Family
  • Media Articles-Soft Drink Sweetener Linked to Diabetes in Kids

Quick Update

Hi folks,

This week is a short break from math since next week is the big event in the legislature. The Education Subcommittee will be holding their interim meeting to discuss the new math standards and what to do about them. I hope you all contacted your representative and senator and let them know you want world class standards on par with Japan and Singapore. It is quite urgent that you make your voice heard.

Election Results

The results from yesterday's election can be seen at:


Our 3 picks have survived the primary and will be listed with 3 others on the ballot in November. It is imperative that you get out and stump for these people. They will vote to put an ASD on the ballot on the split. Again, Carl Hernandez, Brent Sumner, and Tom Sitake. I believe we made a difference in getting them into the top spots to squeak into the election so keep up the good work.

Perhaps someone working closely with them wants to put together a flier touting what their vision for Orem is and then we can canvas all of Orem with it asking people to vote for them all on one flier.

The Safe Child Book

I purchased a book a while back and have been reading it and thought I'd share this with you since pretty much everyone on this list has kids. The world is a pretty dangerous place but it doesn't do a lot of good to walk around in fear as though someone is tracking your every move (though I have been noticing ASD vehicles in my rear view mirror more than I would like).

Anyway, the book helps you teach kids in a non-scary way how to think for themselves in a variety of situations that could be harmful to them and what to do about them.  It also teaches parents the right questions to ask to ensure their kids are safe when they're going out somewhere. Here's an Amazon link. Check it out and see if this isn't something you ought to get a copy of to keep your kids safe. Topics include dealing with strangers, sexual abuse, bullies, internet, child care, safety in schools, making exceptions to rules, and more.

Safe Child Book (Amazon link)

If you are unaware, there has been a recent occurance of school busses being stolen around the country as well as bus radios. US forces in Iraq have also found plans of schools in America. There is a very real possibility that schools may be targeted in America at some point by terrorists in order to create panic in our country. I know our children's safety is of utmost concern to all of us. We can't prepare for every contingency, but preparing them for a variety of situations will help them to keep their wits better in an emergency.

Google Sky

OK, is there anyone that hasn't used Google Earth? What a cool program. Well it just got doubly cool with the latest release. Now they've tapped into NASA and other space agency databases and you can reverse the camera into space. You can now browse the night sky and zoom in on REAL pictures of space and see where galaxies fit inside constallations and the like. Five stars for this release. Go get it here and you can see a quick video showing off the feature as well.



Last week on labor day I started playing this fun little game. About 4,600 or so moves later, I was done. 33 levels of trying to roll a block into a hole. It's simple, fun, and free. Give it a shot and if you can do it in 4,000 moves or less, send me your score and I'll post it here as genius for beating me. Actually I should lower that to 2,000 moves or less since most of you probably WILL beat me.


New Peter Pan Book

I don't know if any of you purchased the Peter and the Starcatchers book I mentioned a while back, or its sequel Peter and the Shadow Thieves, but book three is about to be released if you want to pre-order it, you can do it here on Amazon.

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon

Outstanding and FREE Internet Filter - Protect Your Family

If you don't have your computer protected from the filth on the internet, you need to go get this outstanding and FREE internet filter. It's easy to configure and then your children will be protected from intentional or accidental stumbling upon the millions of sites that contain inappropriate material.


Media Articles

Soft Drink Sweetener Linked to Diabetes in Kids

Make Science Easier, Examiners are Told

Vern Henshaw Wins Superintendent of the Year


Oak Norton

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