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November 07, 2007


  • Voucher and other Votes
  • The Golden Compass Movie

Vouchers died (sorry parents, you don't get a choice when the NEA has an agenda for your kids)

Jordan School District votes to split but there are complications and a possible lawsuit (this is good news though for other school districts being split)

Carl Hernandez was elected to the city council in Orem (This front page will probably only be up for today but I really like how they've put the election results front and center on their site)

The Golden Compass Movie

Coming out very soon is a movie that at first glance looks quite cool. It fits in with the plethora of fantasy based movies that have been hitting it big the last few years. It is called the Golden Compass and it's a 180 degree opposite movie from Narnia. Where C.S. Lewis created a wonderful set of books in allegory of the gospel, the author of the Golden Compass is an atheist who in the books takes readers on a journey that ends with Adam and Eve characters killing God. I do not recommend you take your kids to this unaware of the theme of the movie and the books. Snopes has some information on it here:



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