Weekly Math Updates

November 3, 2005

Hi all,

    It appears the school board has determined the problem with allowing my website to be viewed by employees.  It turns out they have a web filter and I have on my website dynamic instant headlines to WorldNetDaily.com news.  One of those headlines included the word "se_xuality" (underscore inserted to prevent filtering) and the school's filter prevented my website from being viewable.  I apologize for creating a windstorm and to the district.  I hate reporting anything I would ever have to retract and be embarrassed about, but I do admit when I'm wrong.  I guess that disqualifies me from running for office. :)

    I honestly don't view myself as the adversary of the district (though some inside the district seem to view me as public enemy #1).  I have stated to the district and board on multiple occasions that I appreciate the work and effort they go through to ensure a good education for our children, and Barry Graff, the curriculum person, and I have a friendly relationship in our communications.  My problem is that the board seems to believe they are above the people that elected them and they refuse to open their ears to the problems parents clearly have with this math program.  It's as if they don't view parents as customers of the product the district sells so they don't have to listen to our desires.  No wonder parents are flocking to charter schools.  I almost feel like we're under the 9th district court of appeals that just ruled parenthood unconstitutional and that educators can teach children anything they want without parental approval, or support (see link below for this article which the district filter caused to block my website).  Not to accuse the school district, but with reference to the below article, it strikes me as close to communistic state schools where a governmental body will determine what's best for the students regardless of what anyone else believes or desires.



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