Weekly Math Updates

March 10, 2006

Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to thank you for your efforts.  This morning we reached 5% officially on the petition.  1 out of 20 children out of 54,000 are now represented on a petition to change math in Alpine.  I also wanted to let you know we have two petition signers running for school board for areas A1 and A3.  We still need A2 (Alpine/Highland area) and A5 (Orem) and the deadline is next Friday (17th) to be registered.  Please consider running or if you know someone that would support us, please ask them to run. 


If any of you are interested in making a donation to help the cause, you can do so from this webpage at TeachUtahKids.com.

All donations go straight to hard expenses.  No one is being paid for any of their time.  Specifically, these donations will be used to help promote our issues in upcoming school board elections, as well as any statewide advertising we need to do to raise awareness of the issue with the populace (and thus encourage the legislature to address this issue).


Oak Norton


P.S. If you haven't called the governor yet on the bill mentioned in the last email, please do so asap.

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