Weekly Math Updates

March 11 , 2008


  • Big Correction from Last Week
  • School Board Election (please consider running in A4, A6, A7)
  • Awesome Singapore Math News Article
  • Poster Project Update

Hi folks,

A couple of quick things this week. 

Big Correction from Last Week

First, I messed up last week and gave you some bad information and so I need to apologize to you as I have already done on the phone to Senator Curtis Bramble.  I was mistaken on his involvement with the math task force bill and he did not do anything to derail it and he supported it and voted for it.  I hate to make excuses for myself but I shouldn't have sent the email out when I did and will just say I was far too tired to keep several things straight in my mind and goofed big time.  Sorry to let you down and especially Senator Bramble who is an ally to the cause on improving math.

School Board Election (please consider running in A4, A6, A7)

Next, if you live in precinct A4, A6, or A7, please consider running for school board this election.  Your deadline to sign up

Here's a link to the county website and at this moment the site is throwing errors when I try to reach the page, but hopefully it's back up soon.


The page to get to that page is up and it's here:


Here's a copy of the precinct map if you aren't sure which precinct you're in.


Awesome Singapore Math News Article

I received a link to this great piece on the effectiveness of Singapore math today and I encourage you all to read it. 


Poster Project Update

Just a last quick reminder about the "In God We Trust" poster project.  If you would like to contribute to the cause of putting posters in all public school classrooms in the state, please make a donation now.  All the districts have agreed to pass out the posters and curriculum to all their teachers and then let the teachers decide if they will post them in the classroom or not.  We just want to make sure they get that opportunity.  Please send checks for whatever you can contribute to:

Ken Cromar
9870 North 4200 West
Cedar Hills UT 84062

If you know of someone that may be willing to make a large donation, please contact Ken or his son Talmage who is finishing this up for his Eagle project at 801-785-7799.

Till next time,

Oak Norton

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