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2010 Session
-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

2009 Session
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Senate President John Valentine
Senator Howard Stephenson
Senator Margaret Dayton
Dr. David Wright
Oak Norton
Dennis Lisonbee

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State Board Member Dixie Allen, Vernal, UT
Retired Educator, State Board of Education
Mrs. Kim Briggs, Lindon, UT
Mark Cluff, Alpine, UT
Vice Chairman, State Board of Education
Member, Utah State Board of Education Bill Colbert, Draper, UT
Secretary, PSUAC,
Mrs. Holly Ferguson, Bountiful, UT
Parent Teacher Organization President, Wasatch Peak Elementary Parent Teacher Organization
I am thrilled that renewed attention is being paid to this critical area in education. I am one of the lucky ones. At our charter school the honors math teacher has trained in Singapore math, and he is implementing this program into our school. My children will be better prepared for the future. I worry about the other children in my area. I am also a Stake Primary President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have over seven hundred children who I want to see succeed. Without critical problem solving and mathematical skills they will not be ready to face a global economy. If we do nothing, we are crippling our children before they even get a chance. Please, don't hesitate in bringing Singapore math on-line.
Mrs. Laura Frandsen, Nibley, UT
CEO of Frandsen Farms, Frandsen Farms
Mrs. Heather Fry, Orem, UT
Mrs. Maria Johnson, Ogden, UT
Parent/Community Council member, My own
As a parent, I became aware of this program. My husband and I took a seminar and are 100% convinced this is the dirction Utah schools should go. We have ordered all the singapore math text books and will be teaching this at our home, so our kids will be ready when the rest of Utah gets a clue!
Mrs. Heidi McCabe, Tooele, UT
Excelsior Academy Board of Trustee Vice Chair, Excelsior Academy
Our Education needs a boost, this is just the boost it needs. Thank you for considering the most important future we have, that of our young children. They are competing nationally and they need all of our support. This new Bill for Singapore math can make a difference. Thank you.
Member State Board of Education RIchard Moss, Spanish Fork, UT
Real Estate Developer, Self
Board Member Timothy Osborn, American Fork, UT
Engineer, Alpine School District and Action Target Incorporated
Why has this taken so long? There is a huge need for a solid math product that can transcend all needs of industry.
Meggen Pettit, South Jordan, UT
Mrs. Brenda Spearman, Tooele, UT
Trustee, Excelsior Academy
I am so excited to see that Utah is committed to educating its children in math and science and is making progress towards being a premier state in this endeavor. I fully support the math initiative and am anxious to see it pass. Singapore Math is a comprehensive curriculum that would give Utah students the foundation they need and would require to compete in today's global economy. This initiative would allow Utah to emerge as a leading state in the development of new and inovative technologies.
Mr. Erik Syring, Palo Alto, CA
Chief Executive Officer, Global Education
Global Education, the faculty of which includes many of the world's foremost mathematicians with a strong interest in K-12 mathematics education, strongly supports Utah efforts to adopt world-leading curricula.
Member, Provo School Board Carolyn Wright, Provo, UT
Member, Provo School Board, I represent the interests of the public.
Our children need to be better prepared for contributing to a global economy. They are our best natural resource, and they need more and better instruction in math and science. As a society we need to adopt an "I can" attitude about mastering math and logic skills.


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