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-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

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State Board Support

If you are a member of the state board or running for office, we invite you to sign the letter in support of this NASA Math Initiative and then put into your campaign materials, "I support the NASA Math Initiative at www.UtahsMathFuture.com".  Please send us an email when you sign to let us know to change your information on this page.

To contact a candidate, you may click this link for their information.


State Board Members
Do Not Support
Susie Campbell Ashliman-D1
Shelly Locke-D1
Teresa Theurer-D1 *
Greg Haws-D2
Richard Moss-D3
Chris Dallin-D4
Dave Thomas-D4
Richard Sadler-D4 *
Kim Burningham-D5
Michael Jensen-D6
Leslie Brooks Castle-D7
Randall A. Mackey -D7
Janet Cannon-D8
Trent E. Kaufman-D8
Dennis Morrill-D9
Laurel Brown-D10
Dave Crandall-D11
Ted H. Heap-D11
Bill Colbert-D11 *
Mark Cluff-D12
Carol A. Murphy-D12
Kyle Bateman-D13
C. Mark Openshaw-D13
Dixie Allen-D14
Debra G. Roberts-D15

* Current board member not up for re-election

On 9/16/08, this letter was sent to all the above individuals along with the graphic on the America's Dire Straits page:

Dear State School Board Member or Candidate,

    Over the last several months, legislators, state school board members, local school board members, educators, and concerned citizens have been discussing a plan to make Utah the premier state in math education such that NASA and industry will look to us for leadership in this area.  We wanted to present this to the state school board personally but it appears they are too busy at this time to allow us to present in one of the meetings.  Therefore, we are writing you to ask you to read the proposal at www.UtahsMathFuture.com and respond to us within a few days whether you support this initiative or not.

    Math education has become a very important topic to many Utahns.  Our state performance is nearly always misreported as being above national average, but when viewed demographically and compared to other states, we are not nearly so impressive.  The Deseret News last November reported that Utah was dead last when compared to its peer states.  UVU has a remedial math department separate from its regular math department because 66% of incoming freshmen require an average of 3 semesters of remedial math before they can take math for credit.  We have a crisis in our state and our nation.  NASA and industry engineers and scientists are retiring in droves.  Who will fill the void?

    We believe Utah can help in a big way. The plan we have developed is comprehensive and relies on recommendations from the National Math Advisory Panel’s report.  The first step to success is to begin with a statewide implementation of Singapore math (K-8) as they are the world’s best math performing country.  Details about their amazing story are on the website. (be sure to view their brilliant bar model method to solving algebra problems on the website) 

    We invite you to watch the 2 minute news clip on the home page of the site and then look at the full letter of recommendations (or the short version if you're pressed for time).  Please look at the over 300 individuals who have signed on including legislators, state school board members, district school board members, employers, college deans and professors, and concerned parents.  Then please reply back to us where you stand on this issue.

The website is: www.UtahsMathFuture.com

You may email us at oak@oaknorton.com with your reply.


The NASA Math Initiative Group

Senator Howard Stephenson
Senator Margaret Dayton
Dr. David Wright
Oak Norton
Dennis Lisonbee

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