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-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

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Senate President John Valentine
Senator Howard Stephenson
Senator Margaret Dayton
Dr. David Wright
Oak Norton
Dennis Lisonbee

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Name, City
Occupation, Organization
Senator Curtis Bramble, Provo, UT
CPA, Utah Senate
Senator Peter Knudson, Brigham City, UT
Orthodontist/State Senator, Self-Employed/State Senator
Senator Scott Jenkins, Plain City, UT
Business Owner, Utah Senate
Senator Mark Madsen, Lehi, UT
Senator Jon Greiner, Ogden, UT
Police Chief, Ogden City
Senator Carlene Walker, Salt Lake City, UT
Senator, Utah Senate
Senator Kevin VanTassell, Vernal, UT
Banker, Senate
Board Member Timothy Osborn, American Fork, UT
Engineer, Alpine School District and Action Target Incorporated
Why has this taken so long? There is a huge need for a solid math product that can transcend all needs of industry.
Representative Brad Daw, Orem, UT
Computer Engineer, Celio
Department Chair, UVU Engineering Graphics & Desig Darin Taylor, Orem, UT
Professor, Department Chair, Utah Valley University
Having taught college level math for over 16 years in the state of Utah, there is no question that we need to better prepare our students to be competitive on a global level. I am often dissapointed in the number of students I encounter who lack even the most fundamental math skills.
Dr. James Rawson, Orem, UT
University Administrator, Brigham Young University
Representative Mike Noel, Kanab, UT
Representative, Utah House
Please sign me up as a strong proponent of increasing math skills in our public schools. Rural Utah has a supply of great young people who know how to work and just need the direction and the instruction to succeed. Thanks to Senator Valentine and Dayton for their work in this effort. Mike Noel
Representative Kenneth Sumsion, American Fork, UT
Ms. Jennifer Lind, American Fork, UT
Representative Mike Morley, Spanish Fork, UT
Representative, Utah House of Representatives
MR Mike Bersie, Orem, UT
REO SR. Asset manager,
Dr. Trudy Christensen, Cottonwood Heights, UT
Assistant Professor Digital Media, Utah Valley University
I have two children in public school and have been very concerned about their math skills. I did some independent research and discovered Singapore Math. (There was a very good article on this topic in a recent edition of "Educational Leadership.") I've been using some of the materials with my children this past summer. I was very impressed with the approach and materials and highly recommend them. I wish my children had been through this program throughout their elementary years.
Representative David and Barbara Murdoch, American Fork, UT
Computer Consulting, Murdoch Consulting
We would love to see a change in the math curriculum being taught in the schools. The Investigations Math should never have replaced the traditional math. We moved our children to a charter school one year just so they could catch up on the math they had missed and not fall behind. We look forward to the change. If the traditional system wasn't broken, why did they try to fix it?
Dr. Scott Tracy, American Fork, UT
Dentist, A.F. Family Dental, Inc.
Please remove the investigations math program as it has stunted my daughter's potential for effectively learning this essential subject. She had invistigations throughout all her elementary school experience and could not do simple division at the start of junior high school. She has now had to take 2 math courses each year for the past two years in order to make up for the educational negligence of teaching investigations. She is a straight A student in all other subjects and is capable of learning at a high level if given the opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.
Mr. David Brailsford, American Fork, UT
Manufacturing/Packaging Engineer, NuSin Enterprises
Mr. Craig Swapp, Sandy, UT
Attorney, Gregory & Swapp
Mrs. Lindy Taylor, Pleasant Grove, UT
Creativity cannot come before solid skills are born. A mathmetician does not get creative with the times tables. They are always the same. However, as basic skills are understood, they can be built upon in a creative manner. I believe we have gotten into trouble as educators have struggled to publish creative, new ideas in order to have something new to say. I don't think their true focus is to say "Let's see what's already working, and try that!" That would not earn them prestige and the right to publish. We need to get rid of that type of thinking and focus on how we can really help the kids learn!
Aaron Havens, Kaysville, UT
Student, BYU
Utah rock is math.
Mr Robert Allred, Lehi, UT
Financial Planning,
Mrs. Wendy Hart, Highland, UT
President, Data Specialists, Phoenix10 Technologies, Inc.
My son is using Singapore Math, and as someone with a degree in Mathematics and a computer business, I am very pleased with the results. I think that all children should have this same opportunity.
scot hazard, eagle mountain, UT
real estate developer, the real estate group
Mr. Matthew Smith, PE, Pleasant Grove, UT
Civil Engineer, RB&G Engineering, Inc.
I have seen the detrimental effects of poor math policies in my own children in the ASD. Please take immediate steps to take away state loop holes, trim down administrative overhead (over paid and underqualified to make decisions about OUR children's future), and allow us, the parents who hold ultimate stewardship over our children to make the decisions that will affect their important education. The UEA and local school boards have come to represent their own best interest, and not the best interest of Utah's children.
Mrs. Patti Smith, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mother, home maker, primary educator,
Katie Norton, Highland, UT
Rick Hakes, Highland, UT
Mr. Jerry Naylor, Pleasant Grove, UT
Technical Writer, Wilcox Associates Inc.
Mrs. Stefanie Nebeker, american fork, UT
Mr. Joel Wright, Cedar Hills, UT
We are failing our children in Math in this State. It is critical we move forward on these plans as quickly as possible.
Mr. Michael VaughAn, Orem, UT
Mrs Lisa Brodie, Alpine, UT
President, Adagio Inc
It's time for Utah to catch up with the rest of the world in Math Education. This is a great first step.
John Graves, Orem, UT
Douglas LeBaron, Orem, UT
Life Insurance/Planning, Guardian Life Insurance
Pamela Graves, Orem, UT
Dr. R. James Milgram, Boulder Creek, CA
Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University
Mrs. Shalane Low, Highland, UT
Dr. Donald Baker, Highland, UT
Optometrist, Self Employed
These worthy goals are entirely consistent with the values we hold dear as Utahns. I am excited to see this endeavor and hope that it is supported by our educational leaders.
Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Fayetteville, AR
Professor of Education Reform, University of Arkansas
Dr. Daniel Zappala, Cedar Hills, UT
Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
It's about time. I have been supplementing my kids' math instruction for years because of the Investigations Math used in the Alpine School District. We need world class math standards and teachers who can teach them.
Mrs. Stori Misbach, Orem, UT
homemaker, my family
Cheri Schulzke, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mr. Matt Adams, American Fork, UT
Interventional Technologist, Intermountain Healthcare
Dr.. Bastiaan Braams, Atlanta, GA
researcher, Emory University
Ms. Linda Nelson, Pleasant Grove, UT
Realtor, R and R Realty
I am thrilled that we are finally getting serious about the education of our children. I have spent literally thousands of dollars tutoring my children in math since they have been subjected to the ridiculous Investigations/Connected Math programs. I have witnessed first hand the lack of knowledge of the basic math facts of friends of my children. They call themselves "dumb", and it is heartbreaking because these kids have just been denied the proper education in our public schools; especially in the Alpine School District. I hope with all my heart that the Singapore Math program is adopted.
MS. Rachelle Blake, Riverton, UT
Engineering Drafter, Lochner
It's not just concerned parent's that are worried - those without children also think this is an important topic as well, as they may have younger siblings, cousins, neices and nephews, etc. They should also have the opportunity to show their support for this initiative.
Mrs. Susan Hirschi, Cedar Hills, UT
Mrs. Janel Norwood, Highland, UT
Mr. Jed Norwood, Highland, UT
Mrs. Tiffany Fairbanks, Highland, UT
Mrs. Elaine Augustine, Lehi, UT
Homemaker, Home Educator, Small business owner, Augustine household & businesses
I am grateful for all the hard work of those working on improving the education of students in Utah. I am now home schooling my children, in part, due to the lack of rigorous math education opportunities. I would like to see Utah become a haven for parents who want more say in how their children educated.
Mr. Myron Hamilton, Orem, UT
CPA, Morinda Corporation
Mrs. Shannon Kallaker, Springville, UT
Graduate Program Assistant, Brigham Young University
I have experience with Singapore Math both here in the United States and abroad (in Europe). It's amazing! Through the Singpore method, math concepts become tangible and children are taught to use their brains in different strategies for finding the answers. Singapore Math utilizes multi-sensory learning--children use sight, hearing, and touch to make the abstract understandable and fun. My own math experience as a child would have been far more successful using this method. I'm buying it for my own children to supplement the material they get at school (materials their math teachers are unhappy with--they want change too!).
Mr. Michael Taylor, Orem, UT
Mr. Wayne Smith, American Fork, UT
Math teacher,
Math education has been swinging way out of balance lately and it is time for a course correction. I have seen too many kids hurt in our schools and it is time for quality education that prepares students for the future.
Ms. Susan Jensen, Bountiful, UT
Jacob Havens, 1359 S 700 E, UT
Mrs. Julie Smith Julie Smith, American Fork, UT
I do not like investigations/CMP math and I think it should be used only very occasionally ( 10% of total math instruction) as a manipulative or to help explain traditionalal math. It never should be used as the main tool of math instruction because it does not go indepth and the kids are missing basic math principles that are needed at the higher math levels.
Kathryn Van Wagoner, Provo, UT
UVU Math Lab Manager, Utah Valley University
Mrs. Patricia Coombs, Mapleton, UT
Organizational Consultant, Preserving Time
Mrs. Laurie Lisonbee, Salem, UT
Art Professor,
Mrs. Heidi Moore, Lehi, UT
homemaker, My FAMILY with school age kids
This is what I've been waiting for. I just hope it won't take long to implement. Our children need better math. Investigations math didn't help my kids. And now they aren't getting the math they need in the higher grades of junior high and high school. I am very excited about the prospects discussed here and I am encouraged by the actions that some leaders in education and government are finally willing to take when it comes to the math program for this state of Utah. Thanks!
Roger Griffin, American Fork, UT
Attorney , Father
Mr. James Mouritsen, Salt Lake City, UT
Lawyer, Gregory & Swapp
Math is fun- damental!
Vicki Sisson, Orem, UT
Dr. Harold T. Smith, Orem, UT
We need the change.
Mrs. Lisa Jamison, Orem, UT
mother, my family
The investigations program in Alpine School District has turned my 13 year old totally off math. In I.Q. testing she was in the 99th-plus percentile in math and only once scored below the 97th percentile in end-of-year math testing. I would think we would want to encourage someone with so much natural talent to seek a future in math, science or engineering. At this point, she hates her experience with math so much she would never consider it. To me, such programs are destroying the future of our children and nation. I support improved math for our children's future.
Mrs Justine Dorton, Provo, UT
Writer, none
Vic Walsh, Orem, UT
Vice President of Sales, Wilkerson & Associates
Mrs. Allison Sharp, Highland, UT
PhD, Mother, My family
Mr. Jordan Odom, Saratoga Springs, UT
Appraiser/business owner, Odom Appraisals, Inc.
Mr. Alan Smith, American Fork, UT
Full time student, Alan Smith
I am a full time student at Utah Valley University taking the same math clases that I already took in high school. I am doing this because I am not prepared to move on into higher math yet; this is due in large part to connective math.
Mrs. Catherine Shumway, Orem, UT
Owner, Marketing Consulting Company
Having children enrolled in college, high school, junior high school, and elementary school I am involved at all levels of the educational spectrum. It is imperative that we expect more of our children and ensure that our teachers are qualified to teach. I have seen the movie, "Stand and Deliver" several times and believe that the same principles can be implemented in Utah schools--that being, teachers who truly love to teach, and students who are challenged and given opportunities to excel. Our current system is mediocre (at best) and I have witnessed first-hand the decline of my children's math knowledge.
Mr. Blake Shumway, Orem, UT
Owner, Marketing Consulting Company
It is critical that we fix the broken math system currently used in most Utah schools. Let's not wait any longer and get this done!
Cinda Parratt, American Fork, UT
Mrs. Amelia Matthews, Orem, UT
Retired administrative staff BYU,
Dr. Jeffrey Humpherys, Provo, UT
Assistant Professor, BYU Mathematics Department
Mrs Tami Greene, American Fork, UT
Mr. Todd Whittaker, Orem, UT
Sales Manager,
Mrs. Donna Dahl, Salt Lake City, Utah, UT
Mrs. Ann Whittaker, Orem, UT
Mr. Chase Whittaker, Orem, UT
help us kiki elkins, orem, UT
mother, the future of our youth
my father is a honored, hardworking math teacher to jr. high students, and i hear his frustration often about the sad state of math standards in utah. clark thayne of the lehi jr high. brilliant man, but retiring soon at age 72. he helped his school's math program, but what of the state? i don't want my son in the public school system because the math especially is sub-par. please help our country's future.
Mr. Scott Jackman, Cedar HIlls, UT
Chief Software Architect, Footnote.com
Matt Strong, Pleasant Grove, UT
Brand General Manager, MS MBA,
Joyce Davidson, Riverdale, UT
Insurance Agent,
David Davidson, Riverdale, UT
heidi perdue, Saratoga Springs , UT
Venina R Petersen, Riverton, UT
David Barney, Holladay, UT
Janet Barney, Holladay, UT
Mrs. Debbie Christensen, American Fork, UT
Mr. Lynn Christensen, American Fork, UT
Human Factors Specialist , Novell Inc.
David Adams, American Fork, UT
Programmer, Omniture
Mrs. KeriLynn Lenhart, Highland, UT
Mr. Lance Lenhart, Highland, UT
Courtney Magness, Orem, UT
Mrs. Gayle Osborn, Sandy, UT
Mrs. Vicky Peterson, Howell, UT
Mr. Max Osborn, Sandy, UT
Ms. Carolyn Mangum, Lindon, UT
Mrs. Jennifer Bruce, Lindon, UT
Housewife/Former Teacher with Nebo School District,
Mr. Jeremiah Bruce, Lindon, UT
IT Department--Wasatch Mental Health,
Mrs. Rose Chynoweth, Provo, UT
Retired - Secretay, Self
I believe this is a great opportunity for Utah children to advance and compete with other countries in the field of math, thus opening doors for them to greater job opportunities, etc. I fully support this program.
Scott Taylor, Highland, UT
Self Employed, 5
Get us the heck of of this crazy "investigations" math. My kids have trouble doing basic problems.
Jennifer Gurney, Orem, UT
Mother, The children of Utah
Professoor Emeritus Ralph Raimi, Rochester, NY
Professor Emeritus (retired Professor), University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
I congratulate Oak Norton and David Wright on their accomplishment, political as well as intellectual (not that political matters don't engage the intellect) and I wish Utah well in its coming efforts, which are pioneering for the United States. In time, I hope your success will encourage other states to follow you, but I do hope you are not hasty in judging the success of such a dramatic change of mathematics curriculum for the primary schools.
Mrs. Karen Kinghorn, Highland, UT
Mrs. Dwain Kinghorn, Highland, UT
Mrs. Tanya Kinghorn, Highland, UT
Myra Johnson, Lindon, UT
Derek Tracy, American Fork, UT
i'm taking high school math classes in college, and am behind in math because of the system that was placed on me in elementary school.
Mrs Cynthia Ray, American Fork, UT
Case Manager, Gregory & Swapp
Mrs Sherrie Stradley, Spokane, WA
The fate of education in our nation could be decided by this action. We simply need one successful state to raise the bar & be an example. Implamenting Singapore in Utah is hope!
mikell rich, eagle mountain, UT
owner, zee medical service
Our educational system here in the U.S. is failing badly. It must be changed. Children are coming out of school not being able to read, write or think things through. We are producing generations of ignorant children---and very disrespectful and rude. We need to start with this new math and then proceed with the other important subjects. Thanks
Mr. Roger Browne, Lindon, UT
Adjunct Faculty Member, Stevens-Henager College
Utah has the highest per capita personal computers per person. High tech ventures are also highly concentrated along the Wasatch Front. College-educated individuals and a high concentration of public universities are both among the highest in the nation. It only makes sense that Utah students be challenged, taught and trained to the highest standards in math education. I strongly support the mission statement and goals of the NASA math initiative and Utah's math moonshot.
Dave Jenkins, Orem, UT
Sales and Marketing, Center 7, Inc.
Mr. Doug Holmes, Farmington, UT
Mr. Scott Cameron, Provo, UT
Associate Dean External Relations, BYU Law School
I am aware of the significant efforts made by Utah Teachers and by the Board of Education to meet the needs of the school children of Utah. Nonetheless, I recommend that we stretch and try this initiative. You have my support individually and collectively and I encourage your close consideration of this measure.
Mrs. Sherrie Martineau, Fruit Heights, UT
Sales Rep,
Mr. Chris Martineau, Fruit Heights, UT
owner/home builder,
Mrs. Mindy Steadman, American Fork, UT
Mr. Joel Steadman, American Fork, UT
Regional V.P. for a staffing company,
miss Tracy Argyle, Orem, UT
Woman, American, and mother,
Mrs Lee Allred, Bear River City, UT
Homeschooled children, Home
One of the reasons we chose to teach our children at home was that we wanted them to have a better background in math than the public school offered. So far, three of our children have chosen engineering as a career, one is an architect.
Mrs. Kathy Dally, Provo, UT
Accounting, Students
Dr. Wayne Bishop, Altadena, CA
Professor of Mathematics, California State University, LA
I am very familiar with the Singapore Math curriculum and am highly supportive of this initiative. It will not only be good for Utah, it will be good for the entire country.
marlene parkinson, spanish fork, UT
Mrs. Tracy Palica, Orem, UT
Homemaker and Mother,
Mr. John Palica, Orem, UT
Owner - CEO Traco Mfg., Inc.,
Mrs Tamra Ockey, Provo, UT
Home Parent Teacher, Home
Mr. Scott Vernon, Highland, UT
Sandra Vernon, Highland, UT
Mrs Dennis Gordon, Salt Lake, UT
Retired Financial Coordinator, Retired
Neal Harris, Farmington, UT
Director, NW Region Sales, Foundry Networks
SueAnn Harris, Farmington, UT
Senator Chasey Mitchell, Spring City, UT
Associate Professor , Digital Media
Mrs. Alyn Olson, Spanish Fork, UT
This looks to me like a simple, wonderful way to teach math and we ought to try it!
Reed Pettingill, Orem, UT
Retail manager, Deseret Industries
Mrs. Chanalin Prina, Highland, UT
Mother, My Family
Lindsey Flamm, Rexburg, ID
I am a graduate of Alpine School District. My Calculus math class in High School prepared me for a Pre-Calculus math class in College.
Brandon Fuller, Eden, UT
Real Estate Broker,
Emily Fuller, Eden, UT
MRS Elaine Rodriguez, Orem, UT
Please help us as parents to help our failing children in the area of math. Math is a skill that is needed in basic life. Even if a child does not go on to college they need to buy groceries, balance a check book and work in a job. Our children have been sold out for long enough. We have failed enough of our legacy let's take a step forward NOW.
Allan South, Orem, UT
Owner, Self
Kerrie Swapp, Herriman, UT
Bryan Swapp, Herriman, UT
Mrs. Diane Andrus, Lindon, UT
Music Educator, Andrus School of Music
Mr. Thomas Lerman, Provo, UT
Software Architect Consultant, Self
Mr. Paul Killpack, Highland, UT
Former City Councilman Chris Wadsworth, Spanish Fork, UT
Product Manager, Symantec
Mrs. Linda Bowen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Homeschool Mom,
Mrs. Jodi Phillips, Am. Fork, UT
Physical Therapist, Alpine School District
I am so excited about these changes in the math program for Utah. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
Mr. Kirt Bailey, Farmington, UT
CEO/President, Celio Corp
Helen Harris, Sandy, UT
Elementary Gifted Teacher, Retired from Granite School District
Mrs. Arlette Kiriyama, American Fork, UT
Mrs. Kristina Portlock, Farmington, UT
School Director Brian Myrup, Springville, UT
Director, Reagan Academy
Curtis Blanco, Bountiful, UT
Electrical Engineer, Hill AFB
I can see from what my kids bring home and from their text books that Math education in Utah public schools is not as high of quality as when I was young. In response to this I bought the Singapore math books for my kids. What is being proposed is wonderful for Utah elementary math. However it does not directly address the reduction in quality of Utah's secondary math. Utah needs to return to teaching proof based Geometry as opposed to teaching mostly just fact and very simple problems. This would greatly improve the quality of Utah secondary math.
Mrs Sandra Winward, Murray, UT
Owner/President, Creative License Artist CoOp
Mrs. Megan Workman, Payson, UT
Homemaker, None
Ashley Holmes, Farmington, UT
Representative Keith Grover, Provo, UT
Representative, Utah House
Ms. Kathy Whitenight, Orem, UT
Health Care Administrator, Self
Representative Kory Holdaway, Taylorsville, UT
Representative, Utah House
Representative Patrick Painter, Nephi, UT
Representative, Utah House
Mr Bradley Baird, Orem, UT
Mr. Phillip Snell, Salt Lake City, UT
Appraiser, Self employed
Chastity Wilson, Orem, UT
Mrs. Ofa Moeai, Elk Ridge, UT
Board President, Liberty Academy Charter School, Liberty Academy Charter School
We have used the Singapore Math curriculum in our school and although it has been well received by teachers and students, both groups in our school have found that alone it is not ideal nor sufficient to meet even Utah state standards, let alone moving our students to a competitive level nationally. The Singapore curriculum will be useful only as it is modified and supplemented with other appropriate ideas to create an all-new and world-class program for truly effective math instruction for Utah's students, and therefore leaders, of the future. (SITE OWNER NOTE: Point 2 of the plan calls for Utah's standards to be changed to match Singapore's world class standards which would then fix this issue.)
Head Counselor Nanette Theobald, Payson, UT
High School Guidance Counselor, Provo School District
Mrs. Tiffany Smith, Orem, UT
administrator, Commission for Economic Development in Orem
Mr. Jacob Anderson, Orem, UT
Sales Manager and Student, TRA-Mage Roof Accessory Systems
Sounds good to me right now, I still feel I need more information before I would vote on this issue, if I ever had an opportunity.
Sharon Blanco, Bountiful, UT
House Wife and Mother,
My husband and I tutor our children out of the Singapore Math books at home. It is a lot of work, but gives us an opportunity to spend time with our kids. I am amazed at the difficulity of the problems that kids eventually work up to. Its not hard for me to see why this is the world's best math for young children. I think it would be wonderful if all Utah students could have the opportunity that my children have had to learn math the Singapore way.
Mr David Dial, Salt Lake City, UT
Sr. Account Executive, TecCon
Jamie Wride, Highland, UT
Mrs. Debbie Howe, Sandy, UT
Service Coordinator, TecCon
Heidi Hewitt, Riverton, UT
Legal Assistant, Gregory & Swapp, PLLC
Mr. Kevin Davidson, West Point, UT
Mrs. Stacy Davidson, West Point, UT
Mr. Brad Parkinson, Orem, UT
Banking, Wells Fargo
I would like my children to have the resources that allow them to be the best in the world at whatever they choose. Understanding math is possible the most important tool a young person can learn to help them make correct decisions as they become adults.
Troy Morris, Pleasant Grove, UT
LAN Administrator, State of Utah
Jim Stout, Highland, UT
Engineer / Owner / CTO ,
I like the comment - "We are not teaching math, we are teaching thinking through the medium of math". Well put - we need improvement in this critical area!
Reed Miner, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mr. Ben Nolte, Lindon, UT
Take a look at RUReady.net. This technology was developed in Utah an may help the situation. All the best!
Professor Mike Wisland, Cedar Hills, UT
Professor, UVU
You spelled it all out. We need improvement! Very few people are coming in with a 10th grade level of math.
Mr. Todd Seager, Orem, UT
Senior Managing Consultant, IBM
In most professions, high school and college graduates are competing against graduates globally, in one way or another, whether they know it or not. The State's current math standards and math scores show a gap and decline in math performance. We as citizens must demand and expect more than mediocrity from our schools and students in math and science. Our businesses, livelihoods, and children depend on our leadership.
Ms. Esperanza Hobby, Pleasant Grove, UT
Social Worker,
Mrs Lorie Stout, Highland, UT
Glenn Smith, Alpine, UT
President, GT Smith Enterprises, Inc.
Colleen Smith, Alpine, UT
Homemaker, Self
Mrs. Karen Allred, Pleasant Grove, UT
I would appreciate a math program like Singapore that will encourage children to love math. My older children suffered through Investigation math and have "hated math" ever since. We had to hire a tutor for one and the other is taking remedial math in college. My younger children have attended a charter school and for 2 of them math is their favorite subject. Utah children need to learn math in a way that encourages the love of it.
Mrs. Ann Gubler, Tooele, UT
Straight Edge, Inc., Chairman, Board of Trustees, Excelsior Academy Charter School
I have homeschooled and mostly used Saxon Math (I love it!) I have always understood that Singapore was more suited to accelerated students. I think either program would be wonderful to adopt for our state core, but I would urge you to consider Saxon. With it's spiraling method, it catches the learning style of the most kids. Then supplement with Singapore for those who want to move faster. This is the method we will be introducing in our Charter School opening in 2009. Thank you for your much needed efforts!
Professor David Manning, Payson, UT
Professor - Engineering Graphics & Design, Utah Valley University
Janice Strobell, Murray, UT
Homeschool mother and business administrator, Mountain West Materials
Mrs. Kristi Bybee, fruit height, UT
House wife, Self
Lets get on top of this problem now. I am a middle class, female, born and raised in Utah; and when I went to collage I couldn't believe how little I knew in math. I can't believe I was allowed to graduate has long as I passed geometry. I am 28 yrs old and I still can hardly figure out the most basic fraction, division and percentage equations. The state is doing a huge disservice to the children by not expecting and requiring more of them. We can do better. LETS DO THIS!!!!
Natalie Hayes, Farmington, UT
Mr. Shannon Tolley, Highland, UT
Manager, MOA
Mrs Amy Uhl, Bountiful, UT
Mr Rich Uhl, Bountiful, UT
Sr. Network Architect, Navitaire/Accenture
Mrs Sheila Saunders, Pleasant grove, UT
Mrs. Jeanne Groberg, Kaysville, UT
mother of 3,
Mr. Jonathan Groberg, Fruit Heights, UT
financial professional,
Representative John Dougall, Highland, UT
Dr. Paul Seager, Centerville, UT
Physician, Self employed
Mr. Scott Wheelhouse, Orem, UT
Product Development Manager, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions
mrs. becky olsen, manti, UT
Mr. Milton Olsen, Manti, UT
Natalie Olsen, Logan, UT
college student,
Mrs. Carol Lawson, Orem, UT
Mrs. Heather Fry, Orem, UT
Mrs. Jessica Connors, Orem, UT
Mother & Community Activist,
Member State Board of Education RIchard Moss, Spanish Fork, UT
Real Estate Developer, Self
Hilary Miner, Pleasant Grove, UT
Meggen Pettit, South Jordan, UT
Mr. Richard Blight, American Fork, UT
Software Engineer, LexisNexis
We need this program and others like it to give our children the opportunity to have a reasonable standard of living in the future economy which will become more and more competitive.
MS Carol Bliss, Lehi, UT
MS Julie Knittel, Lehi, UT
special ed teacher, alpine school district
MR shadd hendricksen, Lehi, UT
MRS Emily hendricksen, American Fork, UT
Ms Debra Schimke, Ephrata, WA
Mrs. Carolyn Hartley, Pleasant Grove, UT
Full time Homemaker Mother of 5,
If kids are graduating from high school unable to do basic math then maybe its time to get back to basics in our school.
Mr Kurt Johnson, Lehi, UT
Mrs Gina Johnson, Lehi, UT
Mr. Gerald Hartley, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mr. Bryce Jensen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Accounting manager, Niels Fugal Sons
Mrs. Melinda Jensen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Salon owner, Studio Details
My daughter is in the 3rd grade. She is very bright and ahead of her class. I am always struggling to keep her interested in school. Math is her favorite and she doesn't get the usual math I think these kids need before they hit Jr. High. I am very concerned the programs changes BEFORE she gets there and its too late.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Amy Embleton, Fairview, UT
Retired Military, parents of a very large family with many grandchildren
Mrs Amber Lee, American Fork, UT
Loriann Merritt, Orem, UT
Don't sell our future short, teach math as it should be taught. Challenge our kids.
Kenneth Kuttler, Provo, UT
Mrs. Sue Hall, Sandy, UT
Administrative Assistant - Mechanical Engineering, My Family
Mr. Zachary Napierski, Orem, UT
Kathryn Napierski, Orem, UT
Mrs Bonnie James, Orem, UT
first grade-private school,
Chris Dayton, Lehi, UT
Commercial Real Estate, Marcus & Millichap
Mr. Jeffrey Heuer, Highland, UT
I have children that have gone through constructivist math and it has failed them miserably. We went to a charter school to avoid the math our local school crammed down our throats and my younger children are now thriving in math, but sadly my daughter who is now in college is still struggling to catch up. I support the NASA math initiative wholeheartedly. Please give us whole-class standards that our local school district will be required to follow. Repeated attempts to get them to see reason have proven useless. This must come from the State level. Thank you.
Mr. Jeff Mitchell, Highland, UT
Engineer, Wencor
ila scott, p.o. box 883 pleasant grove, UT
crossing guard, pleasant grove city
The FUZZY math needs to stay out of the schools!!!!
mike scott, pleasant grove, UT
I agree with my wife- the FUZZY math needs to stay out of our schools, my son was failing math because of the FUZZY math- we pulled him out of public schools because of it.
Mrs. Jennifer Larson, Pleasant Grove, UT
My kids have been frustrated with the Investigations Math taught at their school. Traditional math makes sense to them, which I have supplemented at home when they were unable to complete homework using the IM method. They prefer well defined math, to the fuzzy discovery math any day. It makes sense. We have transfered to a charter scholl this year in large part to get away from fuzzy math. They are loving Saxon Math. I am seeing how much better it is for kids to learn good solid math skills while they are young. Supplementing Investigations is not enough.
Mrs. Carolyn Hamilton, Orem, UT
Chair, Math Department, Utah Valley University
Debbie Rhoads, Cedar Hills, UT
My kids are struggling in Math. We definitely need a new program!!!!
Kevin Rhoads, Cedar Hills, UT
Mrs. Karen Hunt, Cedar Hills, UT
Mrs. Christy Hernandez, Orem, UT
Dean Carl Hernandez, Orem, UT
Mrs. Celeste Kimball, American Fork, UT
Homemaker/Math Tutor,
As a math tutor, I see the basics of math not being retained and children suffering from just using the investigations. I have to go back and teach the basics of traditional math that investigations does not teach just so these kids can catch up. Something new and improved is definitely needed.
Mr. Brady Kimball, American Fork, UT
Auto Mechanic,
Howard Swapp, Sandy, UT
Annette Swapp, Sandy, UT
Stefanie Nebeker, American Fork, UT
Mrs. Carolyn Sharette, Sandy, UT
President, American Preparatory Schools
A key component in this initiative is that we will be setting a standard for curriculum and delivery that we can then hold teachers accountable to. Getting public elementary schools on the same program allows education administrators to then determine if their teachers are successful or not by simply looking at annual student achievement results. At that point, teachers who were successful can be rewarded and teachers needing more training and coaching can get the help they need. I support Singapore math as a solid program, but the systematic application of a single program where comparative data can be used for ongoing quality improvement is essential.
Mrs. Holly Ferguson, Bountiful, UT
Parent Teacher Organization President, Wasatch Peak Elementary Parent Teacher Organization
I am thrilled that renewed attention is being paid to this critical area in education. I am one of the lucky ones. At our charter school the honors math teacher has trained in Singapore math, and he is implementing this program into our school. My children will be better prepared for the future. I worry about the other children in my area. I am also a Stake Primary President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have over seven hundred children who I want to see succeed. Without critical problem solving and mathematical skills they will not be ready to face a global economy. If we do nothing, we are crippling our children before they even get a chance. Please, don't hesitate in bringing Singapore math on-line.
Representative Paul Neuenschwander, Bountiful, UT
Representative, Legislature
I believe it is unconscionable that the state board and local boards allow students with such poor math skills to graduate. The students and the "professionals" must be held accountable for such basic knowledge before studnets are allowed to graduate. Paul Neuenschwander
Mrs. Gayle Neuenschwander, Bountiful, UT
home maker/former teacher, NA
Mrs. Kimberlie Paulson, American Fork, UT
Concerned Foreign Nation, anywhere, UT
I am concerned that if America begins to adopt Singapore Math en mass, that America will have an unfair advantage. America is already the most powerful nation on earth. I would prefer that America continue to use Investigations Math, and use more of it.
Suzette Kimball, Orem, UT
Representative Roger Barrus, Centerville, UT
Susan Fuller, Eden, UT
Retired Special Education Teacher,
Mr. E.Lynn Mortensen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Software QA Test Engineer,
Member, Provo School Board Carolyn Wright, Provo, UT
Member, Provo School Board, I represent the interests of the public.
Our children need to be better prepared for contributing to a global economy. They are our best natural resource, and they need more and better instruction in math and science. As a society we need to adopt an "I can" attitude about mastering math and logic skills.
Mark Cluff, Alpine, UT
Vice Chairman, State Board of Education
Mrs. Stephanie Fairbank, Saratoga Springs, UT
Gayle Holdman, Highland, UT
Lynn Pack, American Fork, UT
Wife and Mother, Pack Family
Mrs. Lise Christiansen, Orem, UT
1) Mother; 2) proofreader, family/independant contractor
Wendy Shoop, Lehi, UT
Oncology Patient navigator, Central Utah Clinic
Mother of 4
Layne Izatt, Orem, UT
Software Engineer,
Mr. Kris Barney, Provo, UT
Mr. Richard Hoffman, Highland, UT
Sr. Manager of Project / Product Management, XanGo
Mrs. Rachel Hoffman, Highland, UT
Mother, Homemaker
Mrs. Beryl Clayton, Orem, UT
Member, Utah State Board of Education Bill Colbert, Draper, UT
Secretary, PSUAC,
Mrs. M. Westcott, Highland, UT
Mother, My children
I taught high school in the Jordan School district for 3 years--very unimpressed. We do all we can to assure the best consistent and coherent education for our children, so we send them to Challenger. Utah public schools do not consistently offer superior education. We care about our friends' and neighbors' education. Poor education with lowered standards threatens our freedoms and our country. I would love to feel confident enough to send my younger children to public schools. Efforts like this one are a strong move in the right direction.
Mr. Daniel Roth, Lehi, UT
Developer/Programmer, Intermountain Healthcare
Dr. Stephen Babb, Highland, UT
Dean of Education, Stevens Henager College
Mrs. Rebekah Johnson, Orem, UT
Dr. Joseph Johnson, Orem, UT
Representative Stephen Sandstrom, Orem, UT
Architect, Sandstrom Associates Architecture
I am committed to moving the children of our state forward with a math program that will prepare them to compete with the rest of the world.
. Lucille Blake, Riverton, UT
Professional School Bus Driver, Jordan School District
Mrs. Michelle Eltiste-Smith, Lehi, UT
Miss Tamila Heuer, Provo, UT
I and a lot of my generation were the victims of an experimental and useless math program. Unfortuantly, now I'm in college and I'm still behind in math. Please help save other children from the same fate.
Mr. Don Paulsen, Cedar Hills, UT
Math teacher, Alpine School District
Mr. Jesse Elicker, Dillsburg, PA
Math Teacher, Cumberland Valley School District in PA
Senator Michael Waddoups, Taylorsville, UT
Property Manager - Senator,
Mrs. Mae Lisonbee, Provo, UT
Dr. Fred Lisonbee, Provo, UT
Mrs. Lisa Brewer, Orem, UT
Mr. Douglas R. Cannon, Orem, UT
Software Developer, Ingenix Corp.
Thank you for your great efforts to help improve math instruction in Utah.
Vern Draney, Bountiful, UT
Why don't we use the best teaching tools for our children? Aren't they worth it? As a parent I support using the best proven teaching aids that are available. As my wife and I considered where to have our children educated we looked at the curriculum being used and selected a Charter School. They use Saxon Math, Shirley Grammer and other great tools. The great State of Utah should have the same interest in teaching.
Mrs Sharidean Flint, Hyde Park, UT
Mr Charles Sisson, Orem, UT
Engineer, GB Wireless
Please, Please fix this. I run into high school seniors that do not know their times tables. They can't make change. They do not have the skills for basic math.
Paul Gibbons, North Logan, UT
Mrs. Kim Briggs, Lindon, UT
Michelle LeBaron, Eagle Mountain, UT
Mrs. J. Anderegg, American Fork, UT
Business Administrator, American Legacy Academy
As a concerned citizen and a parent who is active in my children's education, I would like to see improvements in many aspects of Public Education, Math being one of them. Having taken my children out of the public school system because they could not meet their needs, I have seen first hand the break down and how it affects students at an early age. This would be one step in the right direction.
Mrs. Janet Bice, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mr. David Bice, Pleasant Grove, UT
VP Finance,
Senator Howard Stephenson, Draper, UT
Mrs Diane Robertson, Orem, UT
Mrs. Rebecca Rasmussen, Santa Clara, UT
Mr Lane Brooks, Highland, UT
MIT PhD, Local Business Owner
Cheryl Radmall, Orem, UT
Mother of six,
Mr. Richard Pyne, Provo, UT
Software Engineer, ShopSite, Inc.
Mr. Grant Pearson, Lehi, UT
Fuzzy math does not work. We need real education not the dumbing-down that seems to be going on.
Mrs. LaReta Brinkerhoff, Pleasant Grove, UT
Middle school teacher, American Heritage Schools Inc.
The public school students that come to our school are behind. They are usually tested at one book below where they claim to be.
Mr. Paul Baumgarten, Orem, UT
Project Manager, Fetzer
Mrs. Suzanne Arganbright, Kearns, UT
Student working towards a Math Education degree,
I tutor teens and adults using the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. In my experience it provides an incredibly solid foundation for math understanding. I have compared the math portion of the UBSCT and have concluded that a student who has completed the fifth grade of this curriculum can easily pass the test. It concerns me that a significant portion of our high school students, even given five attempts, cannot pass the mathematics part of the UBSCT. I am studying to become a math teacher for junior high and high school and respectfully request that you consider this curriculum.
Dr. Joseph Myrer, Provo, UT
Professor, Brigham Young University
mrs kathleen schmidt, Cottonwood Heights, UT
Airlines Employee,
Marlene Parkinson, Spanish Fork, UT
Jeanne Slater, Provo, UT
banker, Central Bank
After graduating with a 3.7 GPA, my son is currently in remedial math at UVU. What did he learn in three years of math?!
James Hammer, Sacramento, CA
Having seen first hand the effect of poor math education in everything from retail to personal interaction with several of my younger family members I agree that the current systems being used are an abysmal failure.
Mr. Donald Arganbright, kearns, UT
Plumber, sos servicemen of salt lake
Mr. Ford Paulson, American Fork, UT
Physical Therapist, Intermountain healthcare
Mr. Buddy Gregory, Alpine, UT
Partner, Gregory & Swapp PLLC
Mr. Jeff Shoop, Lehi, UT
Sales Manager,
Alfred Rode, Chula Vista, CA
Math/Science Teacher, Sweetwater Union
Put Singapore curriculum/standards on the list of adoptable materials so school districts can purchase these textbooks. At least provide communities with an opportunity to do what is ethical. Americans are being sadly misled. The claims made by the DOE's exemplary math programs cannot be substantiated and instead these poorly conceived textbooks contribute to the monumental disparity we see in math and science scores in the United States. Compared with other industrial powers, the US is last in student achievement. This is a social crisis of Titanic proportions and must be solved now.
Mr. Jonathan Lundy, Magna, UT
IT Technition, University Health Care
I have seen the strength this style of teahing in my own family where it was taught. It is really what we need as a state and nation as we grow into this competitive new world.
Mrs Marilyn Mc Ateer, Los Angeles, CA
Grandparent /Mathematics/UCLA,
Our math and science studies are failing. It is time to implement programs that work.
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Whaley, Salem, UT
Administrator/retired military, n/a
It is time for the legislature to start asking parents what they think of the education of their children; not the lobbyists or "professional" educators who are out to get more money and more power. Ask the tax-payers who are interested in the education of their children. Ask why kids can't read or write or do math at a high level. Proof? Ask the clerk at the Burger King to figure out your cost and determine your change without a calculator. Ask them to write a sentence and watch how they old the pen--that's why you can't read what they write. Try it; you'll learn more than hundred hours of briefings from the "experts."
Mrs. Kathleen Lundy, Kearns, UT
Vice-President, SOS Servicemen of Salt Lake, Inc.
Representative Lorie Fowlke, Orem, UT
Derek Paulson, American Fork, UT
University Student,
Mr. Kyle Bateman, Provo, UT
Engineer, Action Target Inc.
I would like to see such aggressive goals for Utah schools in basic skills such as math, reading comprehension and technical writing. I think our goal should be first, number one in the nation and then, number one in the world.
Mr. Chris Dallin, Clinton, UT
, State School Board Candidate
Stephanie Williams, Herriman, UT
Tyson Williams, herriman, UT
Robin Williams, River Heights, UT
Parent and Public Educator,
I am sold on Singapore math and feel that this initiative is supportive of teachers while moving Utah to a stronger place in mathematics education. I am also supportive because it aligns Utah's math core with the Singapore model. I want to stress that this is the best model, but we need to ensure teachers are supported if we are able to make this change.
Mr James Moore, Saratoga Springs, UT
IT Manager,
Mrs. Nancy RAy, Grady, AL
Education Specialist, State Dept. of Education
Mrs Michelle Moore, Saratoga Springs, UT
Project Manager,
Mr David Adams, American Fork, UT
Programmer, Omniture
Mr. Kirby Glad, Orem, UT
School Board Candidate / Technology Manager,
Working with an international company, I see every day that our children, and grandchildren, are not just competing with kids from Salt Lake. They will be competing in a world economy with students from China, and India, and Costa Rica, and all around the world. America must keep the edge in innovation. The Chinese can make things cheaper, the Japanese can make things smaller, but the world looks to the U.S.A. for innovation. We cannot keep that edge without a higher standard of education for the generations to come.
Sara McGill, Highland, UT
Mrs. Channa Riley, Lehi, UT
Mr. Kent Riley, Lehi, UT
software engineer,
Mrs. Kimberly Seager, Orem, UT
Dental Hygeinist,
We have struggled getting a good math education for our son. First using the Provo school district, then charter schools, then home schooling. He is doing 2-3 years ahead of his peers with Saxon math, but he wants to do more. And EVERY child should have the opportunity to learn better math, not just those with disgruntled parents.
Ms. Kristin South, Orem, UT
writing teacher and researcher, mother of three kids that love math!,
Two of my sons have supplemented their in-school math training with home use of Singapore Math for the past year. They have found it to be clear, logical, and fun. I have loved watching my kids sit down to their math without being told, sheerly because they enjoy it and want to know more. I consider it crucial that our children be given the chance to shine at math and science and especially that they be given these opportunities while they are still young enough to think that it can be interesting and not too difficult.
Mr. Mikle South, Orem, UT
Psychology professor, father of three school-age children, Brigham Young University
Mrs. Dianne Seager, Centerville, UT
Dr. Paul R Seager, Centerville, UT
Polly Parkinson, Salt Lake City, UT
Mrs. Kimberly Brown, Alpine, UT
Advertising Agency, Kim Brown & Associates
Matt Throckmorton, Mapleton, UT
Charter Schools consultant,
Mrs Elaine Brewster, Provo, UT
Voice Instructor/ Storyteller and Teacher, Utah Arts Council
Mrs Shera Wright, Heber City, UT
Home maker, My Family
Mr. Steve Clarke, Orem, UT
Real Estate Assoc Broker, Prudential Utah Real Estate
I struggled in math as a child. We need a better way. This looks like it could help.
Representative Chris Herrod, Provo, UT
Michelle Smith, Pleasant Grove, UT
Anne Wright, Provo, UT
Mr. Erik Syring, Palo Alto, CA
Chief Executive Officer, Global Education
Global Education, the faculty of which includes many of the world's foremost mathematicians with a strong interest in K-12 mathematics education, strongly supports Utah efforts to adopt world-leading curricula.
Mr R Berntsen, Salt Lake City, UT
Account Executive, Utah Jazz
Mr. Brendan Wright, Heber City, UT
Management, Business Development & Engineering, 212 Resources
Learning math well not only helps me at work (calculations, presentations, estimates) and at home (budgeting, home loans, saving for retirement) but even more importantly helps me to reason and understand the relationships between actions/consequences, inputs/outputs, goals/accomplishments, and wishing/doing on a level that I otherwise never could.
State Board Member Dixie Allen, Vernal, UT
Retired Educator, State Board of Education
Neil Despain, Cedar Hills, UT
Sr. Software Engineer,
Ms. Joylyn Loveridge, Orem, UT
Mathematics Education student and math tutor at UVU,
Mrs. Ruth Dunn, Tooele, UT
Charter School Board Member, Excelsior Academy
Mr. Bruce Dunn, Tooele, UT
CFO, Transcript Bulletin Publishing
Mrs Terrie Baird, Orem, UT
Registered Nurse/Mom,
Please seriously consider switching to Singapore Math and give our children a chance to compete in the future world economy. It would really be a forward thinking step. I do not consider BYU's investigation math a serious alternative as a parent that has been exposed to it and listened to the author tout its benefits. Thank you, Terrie Baird
Mrs. Catherine Shumway, Orem, UT
It's is time, past time, for our children to rise and excel in their academics.
Mrs. Maria Johnson, Ogden, UT
Parent/Community Council member, My own
As a parent, I became aware of this program. My husband and I took a seminar and are 100% convinced this is the dirction Utah schools should go. We have ordered all the singapore math text books and will be teaching this at our home, so our kids will be ready when the rest of Utah gets a clue!
Mr. Ryan Johnson, Ogden, UT
Parent/ General Contractor, self
Where was this program when I went through school. This is the way to learn math. It makes so much more sense. Utah has got to get it figured out and start teaching this to everyone. We will be teaching this in our home from here on out. Hopefully all of Utah will be soon too.
Mark Parratt, American Fork, UT
Engineer, Move Networks
Mrs. Cassandra Morgan, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mr. Jonathan Wright, Provo, UT
College Student,
Ms Cindy Dale, West Jordan, UT
teacher, Monticello Academy
Currently using Singapore Math in grades K-9
PhD, APRN Lynda Baum, 10938 N 5870 W, UT
Psychiatric/mental health provider & supervisor of masters level students, VA
Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."--Charlie Brown, Peanuts [Charles Schulz] "Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."--Douglas Adams "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."--Adolf Hitler
Mrs. Buffy Snell, American Fork, UT
hairdresser, self-employed
Mr. Nate Snell, American Fork, UT
truck driver, Staker and Parson's
Colonel, US Army (Ret) Kerry Baum, Highland, UT
Emergency Manager, Brigham Young University
Mr. Jeremy West, Orem, UT
Mathematics Graduate Student, Brigham Young University
Mathematics is critical. We are failing as a nation and as a state in mathematics education. It is time to make a major course correction. Let's use the program that has made Singapore number one in the world. Our children deserve our highest efforts and our highest expectations.
Mr. Brent Kerby, Provo, UT
Graduate Student, Brigham Young University
Mr/ Douglas Slater, Provo, UT
locksmith, Alpine School District
Representative Greg Hughes, Draper, UT
Mr. K Spence Bingham, Lehi, UT
Document Preparation / Owner, Garden Quest
I am concerned about our Utah's education process when it comes to being prepared for a world economy. My fear is our children are being left behind in the world of education. With the passion that defines our results to be a innovative country our lack of keeping up on Math and Science will be our hindrance in competition with other countries. Please look at this proposal.
Mr. Travis Ackermann, Murray, UT
Civil Engineer, Utah Department of Transportation
I have seen the math deficit in my younger siblings. One can't even do basic algebra stroy problems that are essential to everyday life - like determining the cheaper of two options. He is now in college and is taking so many remedial/basic math classes that he is disheartened. It makes graduating from college look almost impossible to him. Had he learned what he was supposed to in high school this would not be happening. Something needs to change in our education system - especially the way we teach math.
Mrs Teresa Dahl, Tooele, UT
Mr David Krommenhoek, West Valley City, UT
Design Technician Civil Engineering, UDOT
We need a math education program that makes more scense and is applicable to the real world.
Gerhard Ackermann, Salt Lake City, UT
Mrs. Paula Bergeson, Orem, UT
Ms. Judi Clark, Salt Lake City, UT
Executive Director, Parents for Choice in Education, PCE
Mrs. Julie Lloyd, Provo, UT
Homemaker/Former Elementary School Teacher,
I strongly support any program that would increase our childrens' math knowledge and abilities.
Ms. Emily Lloyd, Provo, UT
University student,
Mr. Ted Lloyd, Provo, UT
Business Analyst, Zions BanCorp
Mrs. Bruce Taylor, ogden, UT
Amy Griffin, Salt Lake City, UT
Physician Placements/Division Manager,
Mrs. Lindy Taylor, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mother/Concert Pianist/Educator,
As a mother of 3 children with a background in Music education, (which is closely related to math), I heartily endorse this bill. I hope that we can help keep our children bright, sharp and capable of problem solving. Current trends in teaching math have been less effective at best and destructive at worst, and have made many children feel incapable. I know this because I have seen it's effects on each of my children. I have done remedial work at home as well as changing schools for 2 of my 3 children- which has significantly helped them. Please pass this bill. It can only provide greater opportunities for all UT kids.
Reed Miner, Pleasant Grove, UT
Please support and pass the adoption of the NASA math initiative and adopt Singapore math standards. We cannot allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world in math.
Colonel, US Army (Ret) Kerry Baum, Highland, UT
Emergency Manager, Brigham Young University
mrs kirsten elkins, pleasant grove, UT
mom..creator of the earth's future, my son
coming from a long line of math teachers, we have got to get our utah math act together. please help. we parents are at the mercy of school administers and other higher-ups who i think are confused right now. again i am asking for your help.
Ms Wanda Woodrum, Orem, UT
We need memorization and problem speed tests we need basic math with problem solving help
Mrs. Jeanne Slater, Provo, UT
Mr. Bryan Elkins, Pleasant Grove, UT
Software engineer, Rain Interactive
Mrs. Brenda Spearman, Tooele, UT
Trustee, Excelsior Academy
I am so excited to see that Utah is committed to educating its children in math and science and is making progress towards being a premier state in this endeavor. I fully support the math initiative and am anxious to see it pass. Singapore Math is a comprehensive curriculum that would give Utah students the foundation they need and would require to compete in today's global economy. This initiative would allow Utah to emerge as a leading state in the development of new and inovative technologies.
Mrs Renee Burns, Stansbury Park, UT
Misty Meek, Grantsville, UT
Mrs. Heidi McCabe, Tooele, UT
Excelsior Academy Board of Trustee Vice Chair, Excelsior Academy
Our Education needs a boost, this is just the boost it needs. Thank you for considering the most important future we have, that of our young children. They are competing nationally and they need all of our support. This new Bill for Singapore math can make a difference. Thank you.
Mrs. ConnieAnnette Black, Stansbury Park, UT
Pharmacy, Pharmacy
I am hoping to get my 3 children into Excelsior Academy in the Tooele School district. As a new charter school, We need all the help we can get. I have been VERY unhappy with the Tooele school district, and hope this will provide a great alternative. Thank-You C.A. Black
Senator Cathy Maxfield, Tooele, UT
REALTOR, Parent representing the Maxfield Family
Melissa Thacker, Tooele, UT
, Excelsior Academy
mrs brandie gresham, stanbury park, UT
education specialist, Salt Lake Community Action Program/ excelsior acacdemy
Ms. Teres Tate, TOOELE, UT
retired military veteran,
Mr. Matthew Tate, TOOELE, UT
college student,
Mrs Rebecca Darling, Tooele, UT
Pre-school Teacher and Student, None
I am currently in college to become an Elementary school teacher, with an emphasis in math. This program looks incredible. To have students excited about math and learning is wonderful. I know our nation can do better then what we have been doing and this method works.
Priscilla Wayman, Grantsville, UT
Please support the bill to strengthen Utah's future.
Mrs. Sabrina Fryer, Tooele, UT
Accountant, Excelsior Academy
Mr. Jason Andrus, Riverton, UT
Electrical Engineer,
I am an engineer who works closely with a few engineers from Singapore. After talking to them about the education their children received prior to moving to Utah, I can clearly see the discrepancies between their system and ours. We are severely lagging in math education. This was one of the major concerns they had when deciding to move their families here. In my opinion, strong math eucation is vital to staying competitive in a global market. It's time to revamp our system to give our children the tools they need to succeed in the future.
Suzanne Andrus, Riverton, UT
Homemaker, My Family
Mrs. Carla Chamberlin, Stansbury Park, UT
Kindergarten Aid, Tooele County School District
Our children need to have the best available education that it is within our means to provide. Strong math skills are an essential part to having an educated work force and a strong local economy. Please give our children this edge in their education. Thank You.
Mrs Audrey Banks, Tooele, UT
Curriculum Committee/Development Committee/Mother, Excelsior Academy
Mrs. Hollie Hendricks, Grantsville, UT
Mr. James Hendricks, Grantsville, UT
Mr. Samuel Duncan, Riverton, UT
Engineering Trainer, IM Flash Technologies
Mr. Sysongkham Hansana, Lehi, UT
Engineering, IMFTECH
Mr. Aaron Hill, Savoy, IL
Graduate Student in Mathematics,
Mrs Kristina Quintana, Tooele, UT
Head Of Curriculum, Excelsior Academy
Dr. E. Jeffrey Hill, Orem, UT
Associate Professor, BYU
Singapore Math is just what we need in Utah. I have visited Singapore several times, and they know what they are doing!
Emily HIll, Orem, UT
Ben Wright, Provo, UT
Teacher, Walden School
Mr. Jordan McBride, Orem, UT
Student with a wife, my family,
Ya know the uvu math program is atrocious. It's incredibly not what it needs to be, I know that I am a bright person and that I can and have the ability to do math but only if it is taught right. Only if our leaders put forth the effort to discover the right methodology. Math is a way to bring about great ideas to life and has lead to great many discoveries and I believe like president Barrack Obama said "it is time that science" and math I would say take their proper place in our society.
Ms Dawn Lun, Lehi, UT
Engineer, IM Flash Technologies
Mrs. Chrissie Taylor, Ogden, UT
mrs. cindy burnett, grantsville, UT
blue colar, Execlsior
Mr. Keith Payne, Orem, UT
Insurance broker, Wells Fargo
Please start believing our kids can learn rather than educating to the lowest common demoniator.
John Kinsman, St.George, UT
Retired / Aerospace Ind., Dixie High School Staff
It is my opinion, that over the past 50 years our educational system has not kept up with the needs of the of our time. Our students need to be exposed and challenged with what the new frontier has to offer. Math is needed in a new dinension.
Mr Andrew Edmonds, Dereham, UT
Mathematics Adviser, Norfolk Children's Services, England
Auditor Mark West, Tallahassee, UT
State Auditor, Florida State University
In high school, we spend far too much time learning social studies. My wife from S. Korea was very well versed in math. She and her peers after her in the USA for 4 years were well suited to take leadership positions in their occupations because their abilities to "apply/conceptualize math". She could have been a pharacist, doctor, lawyer, (4.0 in accounting), but was easily accepted into rigorous finance phd. WE ARE LOOKING FOR MATH CHARTER IN FL mykids> Public is failing kidsmath. Utah s/b providing tutors grades 9-12 for kids commited to athletics! (tutor program) teaching?!!
Mrs. Nicole Peterson, West Jordan, UT
CPA, Rio Tinto, Kennecott Land
I just heard about the Singapore Math teaching method and I'm very excited about it. I think it should be adopted in Utah's schools. I have two preschool age children and I would like to see Singapore Math being taught in schools by the time my children are in school. I am a CPA and use math every day. I did not learn math well until college and see a huge advantage to having children develop strong math skills early in their academic careers.
michael aballi, atlanta georgia, GA
Ana Richter, Ogden, UT
Linda Nelson, Pleasant Grove, UT
Realtor, R and R Realty
As a parent I am saddened after seeing all 3 of my children struggle with math concepts. I have a 18 year old who has attempted to take the GED 3 different times. He is unable to pass the math part of the test. I hired tutors for my other 2 children, at great expense I might add, so that they can grasp the basic math concepts that they should be taught in school. Please let the parents have a better method of math in our schools for our struggling children. Vote to implement Singapore math.
Mrs. Lorrie Aalders, Highland, UT
Mrs. Melanie Westcott, Highland, UT
currently a homemaker, my family
Mrs. Melanie Westcott, Highland, UT
currently a homemaker, my family
Annette Milner, South Jordan, UT
My father was an educator and made math fun for us. My sister is one of the top engineers or consultants for TRAX. She fought an uphill battle in Utah to be treated with equality and was denied grades to academic privileges. This type of discrimination I encountered as well. I was top of my math class and was supposed to be put in a special program for advanced studies, but a young man that wasn't as interested, was put in instead because he would need it more than I would supposedly. I see the same thing happening with my children. My sister moved to Florida where she is given opportunity and considered an absolute genius in her field. I would like to see math support for girls as well as boys. I think making it available and fun, like my father did, would change the world. My brother was also involved in the genetics program. Math wasn't his thing, but chemistry was and the math didn't hurt as it propelled his abilities. I think we can conquer discrimination, but making it available will be difficult.
Senior Lead Technical Programmer in Charge of Ever Randy Whitaker, STANSBURY PARK, UT
see my title,
Mr. Brian Donley, Hagerstown, MD
Student, James Madison University
I have been learning to use the Singapore Bar Model in my college math class. It is a great way to solve some complicated problems without the use of complicated algebraic formulas. There is no denying that Singapore students are the top students in Mathematics, and this is why. I feel that this should be taught in all early math programs. I wish I had learned it when I was in elementary and middle school. This should be something every child should be exposed to
Mrs. Sandy Jensen, Farmington, UT
Chair of Board of Directors, Off Broadway Theatre
I am learning how to use and teach the Singapore method and am delighted. I believe giving students the opportunity to learn math in more than one form is great. Its motivation through a fun process and it's visually stimulating.
Mrs. Julia Frazier, Alpine, UT
Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffrey, American Fork, UT
Mother, My family
Mrs. Lynda Roper, Provo, UT
Mother, homemaker,
Mrs Linda Anderson, Saratoga Springs, UT
retired (a grandparent) of great kids,
Our children deserve and need the best education available to them. In math, we fall short in teaching the basic, fundamentals of math. We must teach our youth how to solve problems when they become adults and are out in the world on their own. Our math curriculum simply is falling short to teach our children to think for themselves. Singapore Math will build that foundation. We can do better. We must do better. We owe this to our future generation. Linda Anderson
Mrs. Karen Bergeson, Bountiful, UT
Mom / professional violinist,
We have homeschooled our children for the last 3 years. I took my children out of school primarily because other children were making fun of my children who loved math. They found math fascinating. However, the negative attitude of the children eventually turned my kids off to math, until I brought them home. They did not want to appear "nerdish". We need to fix the image of how kids see math and science. It is not punishment, or only for "nerds" -- it's fun! I will keep homeschooling until I see major changes in our schools.
Brent Bylund, Highland, UT
Mrs. Jennifer Bruce, Lindon, UT
Currently Homemaker,
This program is essential to the education of our children. Generations will be blessed if they can receive a sound understanding of true math principles. Utah needs to step up and give our children more. They deserve it.
Ms. Maggie Carron, Spanish Fork, UT
unemployeed, na
Sign me up. I would like to take advantage for children I know and for myself. I always felt stupid when it came to math growing up. So where do we get the math books? We should try this program to prove it works. Investigation Math is not working lets investigate something that has been proven to work.
Mrs. Carolyn Ewell, Altamont, UT
nurse practitioner, CRAssociates
Eric Larsen, Orem, UT
Michelle Leifson, Richfield, UT
Daycare, My kids
Trent Leifson, Richfield, UT
Delivery Driver, my kids
Sandra Hutchison, Provo, UT
Registered Nurse, State of Utah
Christopher Bross, Provo, UT
Student, UVU
Mr. Joseph Andelin, Draper, UT
Financial Analyst,
Please emulate best teaching practices and Singapore-style curriculum in Math in the state of Utah.
Rebecca Rode, American Fork, UT
This is absolutely the next step for education. It will have a huge impact on test scores and math comprehension, yet take a minimal amount of time and resources.
Mrs. Teauhna Chavez, Ogden, UT
Social Worker/Filmmaker,
Daniel Lay, West Jordan, UT
Customer Service, Integra Telecom
I agree with the comments in the news story I have read. There is no reason that we shouldnt have the smartest kids in the world. We need to afford them every opportunity and I think that this is a very good boost. I have a daugther that is starting 1st grade and I love nothing more than watching her little brain learn new things. This could be an amazing new technique.
Mrs. Lisa Peck, American Fork, UT
Mother ,
Math education in Utah has struggled for generations, mine being one of them. Please, can we offer our children more than what we had?
Senator Amy Lewis , Riverton , UT
Mother, Lewis Family
I have taught preschool and substituted at elementary school my children are very bright and do not do as well in math as reading. The focus is always on reading in the early years it needs to also be on math.
Mrs. Lynne DEntone, Eagle Mountain, UT
Ms. Pamela Seager, Salt Lake City, UT
Adiministrative Assistant, College of Social Work, University of Utah
Mr John Maynard, Riverton, UT
Business Owner, MSPM
Anthony Joseph, Uintah, UT
Construction Manager,
I have three young children and as someone who has struggled with math for years, with the feeling that it could be taught in a much better way, I fully support Utah adopting a state wide requirment to teach using the Singapore Math methods. I would hope that my children could get a better education than I did/am getting (i'm curently a senior in college) so they may excel in critical thinking and math.
Mr Rhett Larsen, Sandy, UT
Finance, Self
Mr. Dave Milligan, Spanish Fork, UT
Human Resources, Arch Coal
We need to do something. 3rd world countries are surpassing us in Math! Our school system is out of date and needs to change!
Mrs. Brittany Milligan, Spanish Fork, UT
Mr Matthew Hampton, Nibley, UT
Lender/General Manager, TAG Lending
MRS Heather Verwer, Springville, UT
Army, Self
It is sad to see that we have failed our students by not teaching the best and have allowed other countries to thrive in these areas just because we are comfortable with how we are teaching the youth. We need to do what will benefit them in the long run. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!!
KennaRae Arave, Grantsville, UT
Please, please, please! I think anyone that researches this topic can't help but agree that this is a great step to helping our educational system here in Utah. Our students are falling more and more behind and are not receiving the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. Our children deserve this.
Mr Ben Ferguson, Saratoga Springs, UT
Computer Systems Administrator,
Ms. Xiaomin Xu, South Jordan, UT
Curtis Britsch, Pleasant Grove, UT
Software Engineer,
Mr. Daniel Williams, West Jordan, UT
Network/Systems Analyst, Regis Corp.
I see the problem in my own children's education. My oldest son is in 7th grade and is only now getting into pre-algebra. I am appalled at the level of math education that is taking place in this state. I support anything that changes the system for the better.
Benjamin Deppe, Draper, UT
fitness specialist,
Mrs. Callie Ake, Layton, UT
Mr. Jake Geddes, Bountiful, UT
Claims Adjuster, State Farm Insurance
I have several kids in school and I keep stressing to them the importance of math!! If there is a better way for them to learn it, I am all for it!
Ning Zhuo, Cottonwoodhights, UT
Shaun Kruger, Salt Lake City, UT
Owner, FastInfra, LLC
Mr Mark Wheeler, Springville, UT
Owner / President Commercial Construction Company, Wheeler Construction, Inc
Mrs. Lauren Clark, Spanish Fork, UT
A mother wanting better for her children.,
Amber King, West Jordan, UT
Scientist, My child
I think math is the universal language, but it can be difficult to understand unless children are taught how to solve and think instead of just learning the answers to questions.
Wei Pan, South Jordan, UT
Accountant/Auditor, Sysco Intermountain
Mrs Kallina Smith, Draper, UT
MR Douglas Breitmayer, South Jordan, UT
Sr. Systems Engineer, packetPointe Communications
The concern with the US is our level of understanding in MATH and if we can enhance and accelerate learning in this topic it's the best thing for our future. This process for learning mathematics is the most effective means to date. Please change our schools curriculum to adopt this form of math absorption.
Mrs Hongxia Ma, South Jordan, UT
accountant, USANA Health Science
Mrs. Cynthia Rhoades, Pleasant Grove, UT
Legal Assistant, Craig Swapp & Associates
Let's do something that will really make a difference for our children. Investing our time and money into this program will pay off big dividends in the future. Let's keep our country competitive in the global market!
Mrs. Angela Hall, Cedar City, UT
Public Safety Dispatcher, Utah Public Safety Dispatch
Mr. Clint Pedersen, Orem, UT
Software Engineer,
Math is critical to my job and my education. It's a shame that the U.S. is getting completely pummeled by certain 3rd world countries in math. Time to innovate Utah.
Troy Miller, Layton, UT
Ben Skolmoski, Eagle Mountain, UT
Sara Wheelwright, Orem, UT
Mr Matt Lindsey, South Jordan, UT
maintenance supervisor, south salt lake valley MAD
I think that this is a great idea! As a student in college pursuing a degree in engineering i wish that my math base was a little stronger. Math definitely is a major key in getting good careers in science, which drive this country's innovation and progression
Mrs Alexandra Rodriguez, Draper, UT
LPN/ Insurance Industry, GoldenPrime Services
Mr. Alfonso Rodriguez, Draper, UT
Systems Engineer, Commvault
Mrs Meghan Ramirez, West Valley City, UT
Mrs Jan Peirce, Provo, UT
Insurance Agent, GoldenPrime Services
Mr. Joseph Stoddard, Saratoga Springs, UT
Mr. Steven Hoyt, Syracuse, UT
IT Project Manager, ARUP Laboratories
I have little confidence in Utah's public education system as it stands today. If significant changes are not made to improve the quality soon I expect to be sending my 2 year old to a private school when the time comes so he can get an education that prepares him for a quality life full of opportunities instead of one that is tracking him into a future of low to mediocre expectations.
Ms. Jaime Cox, Ogden, UT
Parent, n/a
Dr Brent Thomas, Nibley, UT
Lending, TAG Lending
Jennifer Estes, Draper, UT
Account Rep,
Joan Yu, Salt Lake City, UT
Ralph Howland, Stansbury Park, UT
Systems Analyst, University of Utah Health Care
Mr Spencer Pack, Eagle Mountain, UT
inventory mgr, diamond wireless
I believe that Math and the Sciences need to be stressed in schools. It is the foundation of meaningful learning. We need to hold our instructors and our children accountable
Michael Glenn, Syracuse, UT
Mr Robert Shepherd, Provo, UT
bata tester, slfe
Mrs. Laura Frandsen, Nibley, UT
CEO of Frandsen Farms, Frandsen Farms
Mrs Hilary Ripley, Salt Lake City, UT
Mr. Jakob Jones, Eagle Mountain, UT
Utah National Guard, IT Tech,
Crystal Kemp, West Point, UT
Insurance / Management, C&C Insurance
What a great way to improve what our children learn and make it their own, to keep for a lifetime! An improvement is needed, so why not give this a try!
Dr. Steven Pulsipher, Westr Haven, UT
I have my kids in a Charter school (a step in the right direction) but this will make all the difference when it comes to math, which encompasses a large percentage of what kids face if entering into any engineering degree, or any degree worthy of a fabulous education and a career. Please invest, if only at a charter level for a pilot program to evaluate the difference this can make.
Mrs. Megan Workman, Payson, UT
Home maker- Mom of 6, None
Paul Gibbons, North Logan, UT
Mr Val Kunzler, Ogden, UT
hvac service company owner, Advanced Central Services
Mr. Greg Larsen, Spanish Fork, UT
High School Baseball Coach, Timpanogos High School - Alpine School District
Mrs. Carrie Marshall, Layton, UT
Mrs. Stacey Morrison, West Jordan, UT
CPhT, Concerned Citizen
Mrs Heidi Ellison, Tooele, UT
Tax Accounting,
Mrs. Laura Wilkinson, Garland, UT
Administrative Contracting Officer, DCMA - Federal Government
Mrs. Bambi Ornelas, West Jordan, UT
Accountant, Global Medical
Mr. Thomas Ornelas, West Jordan, UT
Driver, Emerald Recycling
Mrs. Megan Dean, Ogden, UT
Mrs. Janae Davis, south jordan, UT
mr. Brett Davis, south jordan, UT
small business owner, b. davis distributin
Ms Marnee Rementilla, Perry, UT
mail carrier, Postal Service
Mr. Robert Wyss, Holladay, UT
Software Developer/Consultant, InfoTech Systems of Utah
As the father of two elementary school aged children I studied the many advantages of this curriculum in advising our local charter school in their pursuit of the very best math program for their student. Bottom line - Singapore Math students LOVE math.
Tyler Smith, Provo, UT
Todd Cox, Salt Lake City, UT
Mr David Boel, Springville, UT
Registered Nurse,
It looks like this wouldn't take any more money to implement than the existing system, except for initial cost. Utah is supposed to have a well educated work force according to what most politicians say. Let's quit hiding from this and fix the problem. Quit debating about money, conservative, liberal etc. and DO YOUR JOB. If there is a problem, fix it. It is that simple, quit making it complicated. No action and you lose my vote.
Mr. Marion Siady, Sandy, UT
Owner, Dwain Photography
Ms. Jaime Adams, Clearfield, UT
Mom & travel agent, Get Away Today Vacations
I think all Utah schools should increase the teaching of math skills.
Mrs Brenda Naccarato, Salt Lake City, UT
Airline Industry,
Mr Jeremy Allen, Kearns, UT
MRS Paige Sjoblom, Ogden, UT
Student, WSU
As a student that has been failed by Utah's current program, I believe drastic changes need to happen now.
Mr. James Nichols, Fruit Heights, UT
Kimberly Corrigan, Orem, UT
, USU Extension
Marie Branto, Taylorsville, UT
Derek Spohn, South Jordan, UT
Rachel Spohn, Murray, UT
Mr Don Stockton, Kaysville, UT
Retired, U.S. Air Force
I worked through the two problems and I can readily see how it helps a student to visualize the the problem presented.
Mr Kelly Koplin, West Valley City, UT
Systems Administrator, Marriott International
My youngest daughter is 12. I also have a Senior at Hunter. Both are A students in their schools. My 12 year old is doing the same math as my senior and understands it very well. I support Singapore math in all aspects!
Mr Scott Hansen, Elwood, UT
Mr Shawn Hadfield , Orem, UT
Civil Engineer,
Please look seriously at the Singapore Math. We need to become more competitive as a state and a nation.
Mrs. Li Dong, Salt Lake City, UT
Sr. statistician, IHC
Mrs. Adrienne Holliday, North Ogden, UT
Student/Homemaker, None
My children have been learning Singapore math at Venture Academy, a charter school in Marriott-Slaterville, for 3 years. I have been very impressed with the program. My favorite part is the gradual introduction to algebraic concepts, which prepares them for more complex math later.
Roger W. Griffin, American Fork, UT
Mr. Cody Duffin, North salt lake, UT
Transportation Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security
Marnie Spencer, Providence, UT
Parent, My children
Julian LaFreniere, Holladay, UT
Sales Consultant,
Susan Lott, Logan, UT
Thank you! If anything proves American math teaching styles are not working, it's ME! I always thought the way I was taught math was overcomplicated, and I still struggle with even basic math despite having a college degree. I want my son to have a better chance at learning these skills.
Mr. Fred Nichols, Layton, UT
Business Consultant, Fred Nichols Consulting
Jaelene Starr, South Jordan, UT
Kristina Fackrell, South Jordan, UT
Mr. Ted Daugherty, Echo, UT
Real Estate Appraiser , Summit County, Utah
It is a sad state of affairs when the students and people looking for a job cannot follow simple instruction, spell or perform the most basic of math probems. Anything you can do to increase basic understanding would be a major improvement especially here in Utah. It would be a legacy we could all gain from and enjoy.
Mrs. Rachel Bunderson, Ogden, UT
substitute teacher, Weber County School District
I have been a substitute for 4 years, and I am also a student at Weber State University. In one of my math elementary class at school, I was exposed the Singapore math program by Dixie Blankinton. I was amazed of the simplicity of this math program. I believe it gives the comprehension of math skills from the beginning. This is what I believe Utah schools are lacking. In addition, the books are very inexpensive compared to other math programs. We don't need to spend more to get a great education.
Celso Chaparro, Pleasant View, UT
Accountant, Parents
Mrs. Anne Daugherty, Echo, UT
Mother, house wife and assistant post mistress, Summit County, Utah
Mrs. Anne Daugherty, Echo, UT
Mother, house wife and assistant post mistress, Summit County Historical Society
Ms. Rachael Patterson, SLC, UT
Social Worker, Salt Lake City School District
Mallory Fuller, Orem, UT
Secretary, Rhino Linings of UT County and Tint Pro
Karen Ishihara, Magna, UT
Ms. Kathleen Stewart, Salt Lake City, UT
Office Manager/former teacher,
Mr Michael Van Roosendaal, Salt Lake City, UT
Executive Banker,
Mr. Bryant Reeder, Ogden, UT
Computer Specialist, Weber County Library
Kelly howell, West Jordan, UT
ms rosa mcfarland, centerville, UT
receptionist, self
Rachel Matheson, Herriman, UT
Business Consultant, Self
Mr. Nicholas Brough, Salt Lake City, UT
Engineering firm / Project Manager - Parent, WesTech Engineering
Please focus on teaching Math and Science it's the only way our kids will be able to compete in the future global market.
Mrs Cherish Ross, Franktown , CO
Receptionist , Tag Lending
Mr. Benjamin Rainwater, Logan, UT
Sales Manager, TAG Lending
I use math every day of my life and I am concerned about the decreased emphasis in math. Math does more than teach students to work with numbers, it teaches students to think and solve difficult problems.
Belinda Nelson, Sandy, UT
6th grade math teacher, Granite School District
Coming from CA as a teacher I have been shocked at Utah's habit of passing kids along who have no math skills. The bar should be set high, and math methods that are succeeding need to be explored and implimented.
Ms. Kari Cox, American Fork, UT
Katie Thurston, Garland, UT
Bracken Thurston, Garland, UT
Ms. Angela Rogers, Sandy, UT
Mr Gary Lyu, West Jordan, UT
Communications Technician, Qwest Communications
I was born and raised in Taiwan and math courses are stressed by all teachers and almost all parents. In addition to school courses, many students go to after school tutors for math and English. I was in third grade when I came to Utah and when I left, I was learning what would be considered second year Algebra here. I agree that the U.S is lacking behind other countries and I hope this SM method really works!
Jason Jones, Kaysville, UT
Katy Jones, Kaysville, UT
Mrs. Natalie Young, Draper, UT
Anything we can do to help kids excel in Math is worth it.
Sherry Wimmer, Herriman, UT
We use Singapore Math in our home. I tried other maths with my daughter before, but they just didn't click; teaching math was frustrating for us both. With Singapore Math, math has become simplified and my daughter finally understands it.
Mrs. Allyne Hall, West Haven, UT
High School Counselor, Davis School District
Too many high school seniors are repeating Algebra 2 or even Geometry and have almost given up on learning math. Most of those students think they are ready for college level math until we tell them that ACT benchmarks for math is 23 for them to be ready to take Math 1050 the university level. We need to get parents on board with the idea that even 3 years of math instruction in high school may not be sufficient. College students shouldn't have to take 3 semesters of remedial math.
Mrs Allyson Bracken, North Ogden, UT
Process Engineer,
Mrs. Michelle Poorte, Ogden, UT
Elementary Classroom Teacher, Davis School District
Senator CJ Weber, Provo, UT
Electrician, Cache Valley
Mrs. Laurea Stirling, Pleasant Grove, UT
Mother of 9, Home
Lets think outside the box.
Mrs. Terryl Warner, Hyrum, UT
Victim Advocate,
Mrs. Alice Taggart, Kaysville, UT
What are we waiting for?
Retired Data Base Guru. Mathetician , Retired from State of Nevada IS/ Live in Utah
It is frustrating that the State of Utah will not give me a teaching license to teach math... Unless I pay them %300 and take some education courses. I have a BS in mathematics. I have 30 years as head database guru State of Nevada. I have 25 years of teaching college night school UNR. Oh yea I did study secondary education in college, all except student teaching. I would love to help the State of Utah if they were not so prestigious. But I will have to stay retired. But I don't want to be retired. Please help.
Retired Data Base Guru. Mathetician , Retired from State of Nevada IS/ Live in Utah
It is frustrating that the State of Utah will not give me a teaching license to teach math... Unless I pay them %300 and take some education courses. I have a BS in mathematics. I have 30 years as head database guru State of Nevada. I have 25 years of teaching college night school UNR. Oh yea I did study secondary education in college, all except student teaching. I would love to help the State of Utah if they were not so prestigious. But I will have to stay retired. But I don't want to be retired. Please help.
Joyce Kinmont, Syracuse, UT
We homeschooled our eight children before anyone knew about Singapore math. I notice that this program is a favorite among homeschoolers now and will look into it for my grandchildren.
Mrs. R Woodbury, Pleasant Grove, UT
Retired Teacher, School District
Mr. Cory Linton, Draper, UT
Vice president, School improvement network
Very supportive of this...
Ms. Stacy Johnson, Draper, UT
Nurse, None
I whole heartedly believe in this method. The saxon method is not a "one size fits all". I struggled with math for years, barely achieving C grades. The moment I took a math class that taught me in a similar way as the singapore method(visually), I received an A. I was also excited about, and interested in what I was learning. If implemented, I see this method helping thousands of Utah children for generations to come.
Mrs. Jennifer Jefferies, Tooele, UT
Home maker, My Family
Mr. Andrew Jefferies, Tooele, UT
Service Supervisor, Cummins Rocky Mtn.
Dr. Barbara Moe, Highland, UT
Physical Therapist/School Based PT,
PTA President Oakridge Elementary Michael Smith, SLC, UT
PTA President, OneCounts
Mrs Allison Adams, Payson, UT
Student at BYU majoring in Elementary Education ,
Mitch Meleski, Grand Junction , CO
math teacher/tutor, self employed
Singapore Math is a breath of fresh air in its simplicity. The sequence and depth of the material in the program leads children (and adults) to a clear view of the intertwining concepts of mathematics. Children are successful with this program and are therefore love the subject of math. I wish I had been taught using Singapore Math!
Mr. Robert Sedgwick, Springville, UT
4th Grade Teacher, Nebo School District
Teaching concepts visually is a much stronger method than teaching concepts using abstract formulas and algorithms. Doing so reaches across learning curves, increases understanding of the language of numbers, and encourages the ability to use numbers effectively. Students will be able to think more effectively about math rather than following a series of steps.
Mrs. Lisa Linton, Draper, UT
Ms. Kim Marshall, Salt Lake City, UT
Concerned parent who has been actively trying to get our public educators (at elementary school level - Granite School District) more focused on improving/enhancing our math and science curriculum. I have found this falls mainly on deaf ears - our system seems focused on maintaining the status quo . I have 4 children in public school system here and am very active in our schools. I am a college grad, a CPA, and former tax partner with Big 4 accounting firm. I value eduction and feel our system in Utah is failing our kids. They are not being prepared for success.
Ms. Kim Marshall, Salt Lake City, UT
Concerned parent who has been actively trying to get our public educators (at elementary school level - Granite School District) more focused on improving/enhancing our math and science curriculum. I have found this falls mainly on deaf ears - our system seems focused on maintaining the status quo . I have 4 children in public school system here and am very active in our schools. I am a college grad, a CPA, and former tax partner with Big 4 accounting firm. I value eduction and feel our system in Utah is failing our kids. They are not being prepared for success.
Mr Stuart Chan, South Jordan, UT
Process Engineer,
Why math is important because math is the basic "language skill" for Engineers and Scientists to communicate. And scientific knowledge is written in math form.
Mrs. Lori Skolmoski, Eagle Mountain, UT
Mrs. Dawn Kenton, Park City, UT
Stay at home Mom,
Mr. muraleedhar sundararajan, chennai, UT
Mr Dalton Horscroft, Salt Lake City, UT
Jr. High Science Teacher, Entheos Academy
I think this is great and I fully support it.
Mrs. Susan Liaw, Houston, TX
Mrs. Carrie Hughes, Kaysville, UT
Carma Allen, Orem, UT
The upcoming generation deserves the best that is available to help them achieve.
Colonel, US Army (Retired) Kerry Baum, Highland, UT
Retired, None
Mrs. D. Miller, Orem, UT
Retired Career Center Coordinator, Receptionist, Attendance Secretary, Teacher's Aide, Retired from ASD who needs this change desperately!!!
Have worked in Alpine School District over 25 years & seen many things causing me to shake my head in dismay & unbelief; most recently the "Mission Statement" debacle & their denied use of Investigations Math hidden behind the Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley math. Too many times I've seen "District" personnel too tied to their little "babies" or projects. It is imperative we stop the games being played & make the change to Singapore math immediately...after all it will take several years to see the change as it is. Why the wait? It IS in our children's best interest!!!
Mr. & Mrs. Darren & Annie Rollins, Pleasant Grove, UT
Utah education CAN be great if we change our current State Board of Education leaders to those who actually understand and reflect what the parents here value and WANT. THe problem is NOT dollars spent! It's mismanagement, no accountability and a progressive agenda that is bringing our school system down. We DON'T want what is currently being pushed in our public schools.
Mrs Barbara Pahl, Draper, UT
Self Employed,
Mr. William C. Lewis, Lindon, UT
, Wicle Enterprises
The language of mathematics is much more than manipulating numbers. It is the basis of logic and reason. It is a foundation for life skills. Life is filled more with 'happiness' when decisions are founded on solid principles of reason and logic. Bill Lewis
Mrs. JiHyun Kim, PROVO, UT
Math tutor at UVU, UVU
I strongly agree with the power point proposal. I am looking forward to seeing the result!
Mrs Ana Lima, New york, DC
teacher, EBSTB
Representative Bishop Dana Slabaugh, Providence, UT
Music teacher,
I am very concerned that we educate our children to think, problem solve and contribute to themselves and to our country. It would be wonderful for them to find learning fun,to reach the heights of education, to be leaders that can find answers, to make money, to contribute to others. Please help get Singapore math in our schools.
Ms. Kimberly Rucker, Pittsburg, CA
Bruce Bolingbroke, Layton, UT
Software Engineer, FamilySearch
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PhD, no
effectiveness of bar model of mathematics at secon M.Thirunavukkarasu M.Thirunavukkarasu, trichy, IN
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I could watch Schndiler's List and still be happy after reading this.
Mr Ephraim Urevbu, Memhis, TN
Artist, Self
Mrs Rebecca Barber, Orem, AZ
Preschool Teacher, self-employed
We are moving to Utah from Arizona and I am terrified for my children's education. We cannot afford private school tuition and are sad to leave an amazing preparatory school founded by educators at Arizona State University. Please adopt Singapore Math in Utah!
Ms Heather Allen, Farmington, UT
Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Utah
As a concerned parent and an advocate for education, I urge the state of Utah to adopt the Singapore math curriculum.
Mrs. Cathy Monson, Orem, UT
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