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-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

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The following are dissenting opinions or questions not covered on the FAQ page concerning this project.  If you would like to voice your dissent, just send us a comment through the contact us page. Dissenter comments will be posted in red and our replies in blue.  All non-abusive comments will be posted relatively soon after receipt.

Mickey Mouse: Weren't most of you part of the "school choice" initiative. Where is the choice here? I honestly don't mind if we use Singapore Math, but it seems to me like this is micro-management from our elected leaders and I wonder how much kick back will they receive for this?

[RESPONSE: Dear Mickey, I enjoyed the park. Just FYI, you're thinking of PCE on the school choice issue. As for a kickback, why is it that that's always the angle everyone thinks is going on somewhere? Follow the money trail here and all you'll find is individuals with less money in their pockets for having made these efforts. It's truly an effort to lift our state and nation out of the crisis we're in. We invite you to join the effort and sign the letter...with your real name next time.]