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2010 Session
-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

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Senator Howard Stephenson
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Oak Norton
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Mrs. Diane Andrus, Lindon, UT
Music Educator, Andrus School of Music
Mrs. Elaine Augustine, Lehi, UT
Homemaker, Home Educator, Small business owner, Augustine household & businesses
I am grateful for all the hard work of those working on improving the education of students in Utah. I am now home schooling my children, in part, due to the lack of rigorous math education opportunities. I would like to see Utah become a haven for parents who want more say in how their children educated.
Mr. Kirt Bailey, Farmington, UT
CEO/President, Celio Corp
MR Mike Bersie, Orem, UT
REO SR. Asset manager,
Mr. K Spence Bingham, Lehi, UT
Document Preparation / Owner, Garden Quest
I am concerned about our Utah's education process when it comes to being prepared for a world economy. My fear is our children are being left behind in the world of education. With the passion that defines our results to be a innovative country our lack of keeping up on Math and Science will be our hindrance in competition with other countries. Please look at this proposal.
Senator Curtis Bramble, Provo, UT
CPA, Utah Senate
Mrs Lisa Brodie, Alpine, UT
President, Adagio Inc
It's time for Utah to catch up with the rest of the world in Math Education. This is a great first step.
Mr Lane Brooks, Highland, UT
MIT PhD, Local Business Owner
Mrs. Kimberly Brown, Alpine, UT
Advertising Agency, Kim Brown & Associates
Mr. Roger Browne, Lindon, UT
Adjunct Faculty Member, Stevens-Henager College
Utah has the highest per capita personal computers per person. High tech ventures are also highly concentrated along the Wasatch Front. College-educated individuals and a high concentration of public universities are both among the highest in the nation. It only makes sense that Utah students be challenged, taught and trained to the highest standards in math education. I strongly support the mission statement and goals of the NASA math initiative and Utah's math moonshot.
Mrs. Lise Christiansen, Orem, UT
1) Mother; 2) proofreader, family/independant contractor
Mr. Steve Clarke, Orem, UT
Real Estate Assoc Broker, Prudential Utah Real Estate
I struggled in math as a child. We need a better way. This looks like it could help.
Mrs. Kathy Dally, Provo, UT
Accounting, Students
Representative John Dougall, Highland, UT
Mr. Bruce Dunn, Tooele, UT
CFO, Transcript Bulletin Publishing
Brandon Fuller, Eden, UT
Real Estate Broker,
Paul Gibbons, North Logan, UT
Mr. Kirby Glad, Orem, UT
School Board Candidate / Technology Manager,
Working with an international company, I see every day that our children, and grandchildren, are not just competing with kids from Salt Lake. They will be competing in a world economy with students from China, and India, and Costa Rica, and all around the world. America must keep the edge in innovation. The Chinese can make things cheaper, the Japanese can make things smaller, but the world looks to the U.S.A. for innovation. We cannot keep that edge without a higher standard of education for the generations to come.
Mrs Tami Greene, American Fork, UT
Mr. Buddy Gregory, Alpine, UT
Partner, Gregory & Swapp PLLC
Mrs. Ann Gubler, Tooele, UT
Straight Edge, Inc., Chairman, Board of Trustees, Excelsior Academy Charter School
I have homeschooled and mostly used Saxon Math (I love it!) I have always understood that Singapore was more suited to accelerated students. I think either program would be wonderful to adopt for our state core, but I would urge you to consider Saxon. With it's spiraling method, it catches the learning style of the most kids. Then supplement with Singapore for those who want to move faster. This is the method we will be introducing in our Charter School opening in 2009. Thank you for your much needed efforts!
Rick Hakes, Highland, UT
Mr Matthew Hampton, Nibley, UT
Lender/General Manager, TAG Lending
Mrs. Wendy Hart, Highland, UT
President, Data Specialists, Phoenix10 Technologies, Inc.
My son is using Singapore Math, and as someone with a degree in Mathematics and a computer business, I am very pleased with the results. I think that all children should have this same opportunity.
scot hazard, eagle mountain, UT
real estate developer, the real estate group
MRS Emily hendricksen, American Fork, UT
Mr. Richard Hoffman, Highland, UT
Sr. Manager of Project / Product Management, XanGo
Mr. Doug Holmes, Farmington, UT
Senator Scott Jenkins, Plain City, UT
Business Owner, Utah Senate
Ms. Susan Jensen, Bountiful, UT
Mrs. Melinda Jensen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Salon owner, Studio Details
My daughter is in the 3rd grade. She is very bright and ahead of her class. I am always struggling to keep her interested in school. Math is her favorite and she doesn't get the usual math I think these kids need before they hit Jr. High. I am very concerned the programs changes BEFORE she gets there and its too late.
Mrs. Sandy Jensen, Farmington, UT
Chair of Board of Directors, Off Broadway Theatre
I am learning how to use and teach the Singapore method and am delighted. I believe giving students the opportunity to learn math in more than one form is great. Its motivation through a fun process and it's visually stimulating.
Mrs Gina Johnson, Lehi, UT
Mr Kurt Johnson, Lehi, UT
Mr. Ryan Johnson, Ogden, UT
Parent/ General Contractor, self
Where was this program when I went through school. This is the way to learn math. It makes so much more sense. Utah has got to get it figured out and start teaching this to everyone. We will be teaching this in our home from here on out. Hopefully all of Utah will be soon too.
Dr. Joseph Johnson, Orem, UT
Katy Jones, Kaysville, UT
Jason Jones, Kaysville, UT
Mr. Paul Killpack, Highland, UT
Senator Peter Knudson, Brigham City, UT
Orthodontist/State Senator, Self-Employed/State Senator
Shaun Kruger, Salt Lake City, UT
Owner, FastInfra, LLC
Mr Val Kunzler, Ogden, UT
hvac service company owner, Advanced Central Services
Mr. William C. Lewis, Lindon, UT
, Wicle Enterprises
The language of mathematics is much more than manipulating numbers. It is the basis of logic and reason. It is a foundation for life skills. Life is filled more with 'happiness' when decisions are founded on solid principles of reason and logic. Bill Lewis
Mr. Cory Linton, Draper, UT
Vice president, School improvement network
Very supportive of this...
Mrs. Kathleen Lundy, Kearns, UT
Vice-President, SOS Servicemen of Salt Lake, Inc.
Mr. Chris Martineau, Fruit Heights, UT
owner/home builder,
Mrs. Sherrie Martineau, Fruit Heights, UT
Sales Rep,
Dr. R. James Milgram, Boulder Creek, CA
Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University
Mr. E.Lynn Mortensen, Pleasant Grove, UT
Software QA Test Engineer,
Ms. Linda Nelson, Pleasant Grove, UT
Realtor, R and R Realty
I am thrilled that we are finally getting serious about the education of our children. I have spent literally thousands of dollars tutoring my children in math since they have been subjected to the ridiculous Investigations/Connected Math programs. I have witnessed first hand the lack of knowledge of the basic math facts of friends of my children. They call themselves "dumb", and it is heartbreaking because these kids have just been denied the proper education in our public schools; especially in the Alpine School District. I hope with all my heart that the Singapore Math program is adopted.
Linda Nelson, Pleasant Grove, UT
Realtor, R and R Realty
As a parent I am saddened after seeing all 3 of my children struggle with math concepts. I have a 18 year old who has attempted to take the GED 3 different times. He is unable to pass the math part of the test. I hired tutors for my other 2 children, at great expense I might add, so that they can grasp the basic math concepts that they should be taught in school. Please let the parents have a better method of math in our schools for our struggling children. Vote to implement Singapore math.
Mr. James Nichols, Fruit Heights, UT
Mr. Fred Nichols, Layton, UT
Business Consultant, Fred Nichols Consulting
Mr. Ben Nolte, Lindon, UT
Take a look at RUReady.net. This technology was developed in Utah an may help the situation. All the best!
Mr. Jordan Odom, Saratoga Springs, UT
Appraiser/business owner, Odom Appraisals, Inc.
Mr. Milton Olsen, Manti, UT
Mrs Barbara Pahl, Draper, UT
Self Employed,
Mr. John Palica, Orem, UT
Owner - CEO Traco Mfg., Inc.,
Dr. Steven Pulsipher, Westr Haven, UT
I have my kids in a Charter school (a step in the right direction) but this will make all the difference when it comes to math, which encompasses a large percentage of what kids face if entering into any engineering degree, or any degree worthy of a fabulous education and a career. Please invest, if only at a charter level for a pilot program to evaluate the difference this can make.
Kevin Rhoads, Cedar Hills, UT
mikell rich, eagle mountain, UT
owner, zee medical service
Our educational system here in the U.S. is failing badly. It must be changed. Children are coming out of school not being able to read, write or think things through. We are producing generations of ignorant children---and very disrespectful and rude. We need to start with this new math and then proceed with the other important subjects. Thanks
Mrs. Allison Sharp, Highland, UT
PhD, Mother, My family
Mr. Blake Shumway, Orem, UT
Owner, Marketing Consulting Company
It is critical that we fix the broken math system currently used in most Utah schools. Let's not wait any longer and get this done!
Mrs. Catherine Shumway, Orem, UT
Owner, Marketing Consulting Company
Having children enrolled in college, high school, junior high school, and elementary school I am involved at all levels of the educational spectrum. It is imperative that we expect more of our children and ensure that our teachers are qualified to teach. I have seen the movie, "Stand and Deliver" several times and believe that the same principles can be implemented in Utah schools--that being, teachers who truly love to teach, and students who are challenged and given opportunities to excel. Our current system is mediocre (at best) and I have witnessed first-hand the decline of my children's math knowledge.
Mr. Marion Siady, Sandy, UT
Owner, Dwain Photography
Mr Charles Sisson, Orem, UT
Engineer, GB Wireless
Please, Please fix this. I run into high school seniors that do not know their times tables. They can't make change. They do not have the skills for basic math.
Glenn Smith, Alpine, UT
President, GT Smith Enterprises, Inc.
Mrs. Buffy Snell, American Fork, UT
hairdresser, self-employed
Allan South, Orem, UT
Owner, Self
Jaelene Starr, South Jordan, UT
Jim Stout, Highland, UT
Engineer / Owner / CTO ,
I like the comment - "We are not teaching math, we are teaching thinking through the medium of math". Well put - we need improvement in this critical area!
Janice Strobell, Murray, UT
Homeschool mother and business administrator, Mountain West Materials
Mr. Craig Swapp, Sandy, UT
Attorney, Gregory & Swapp
Scott Taylor, Highland, UT
Self Employed, 5
Get us the heck of of this crazy "investigations" math. My kids have trouble doing basic problems.
Bracken Thurston, Garland, UT
Dr. Scott Tracy, American Fork, UT
Dentist, A.F. Family Dental, Inc.
Please remove the investigations math program as it has stunted my daughter's potential for effectively learning this essential subject. She had invistigations throughout all her elementary school experience and could not do simple division at the start of junior high school. She has now had to take 2 math courses each year for the past two years in order to make up for the educational negligence of teaching investigations. She is a straight A student in all other subjects and is capable of learning at a high level if given the opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.
Mr Ephraim Urevbu, Memhis, TN
Artist, Self
Senator Michael Waddoups, Taylorsville, UT
Property Manager - Senator,
Priscilla Wayman, Grantsville, UT
Please support the bill to strengthen Utah's future.
Mr. Jeremy West, Orem, UT
Mathematics Graduate Student, Brigham Young University
Mathematics is critical. We are failing as a nation and as a state in mathematics education. It is time to make a major course correction. Let's use the program that has made Singapore number one in the world. Our children deserve our highest efforts and our highest expectations.
Mr Mark Wheeler, Springville, UT
Owner / President Commercial Construction Company, Wheeler Construction, Inc
Senior Lead Technical Programmer in Charge of Ever Randy Whitaker, STANSBURY PARK, UT
see my title,
Mrs. Ann Whittaker, Orem, UT
Mr. Todd Whittaker, Orem, UT
Sales Manager,
Mrs Sandra Winward, Murray, UT
Owner/President, Creative License Artist CoOp


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