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2010 Session
-Sponsor declined to post the bill due to economic circumstances. Good news: some schools are piloting the program anyway.

2009 Session
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Longitudinal Study Released-Singapore Math WORKS-early release-Presentation by Dr. Bisk from Massachusetts

Presentation to Utah Legislature Education Committee on 9-17-08 (free download)

Dr. Yeap Ban Har's Singapore Math Powerpoint Presentation in Utah on 6-12-08 (free download)

Singapore Math: Simple or Complex (article)

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Signers in Support of this Letter of Recommendations

Total Signatures: 646

Primary Signers

Senate President John Valentine
Senator Howard Stephenson
Senator Margaret Dayton
Dr. David Wright
Oak Norton
Dennis Lisonbee

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Occupation, Organization
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Representative Roger Barrus, Centerville, UT
Senator Curtis Bramble, Provo, UT
CPA, Utah Senate
Representative Brad Daw, Orem, UT
Computer Engineer, Celio
Representative John Dougall, Highland, UT
Representative Lorie Fowlke, Orem, UT
Senator Jon Greiner, Ogden, UT
Police Chief, Ogden City
Representative Keith Grover, Provo, UT
Representative, Utah House
Representative Chris Herrod, Provo, UT
Representative Kory Holdaway, Taylorsville, UT
Representative, Utah House
Representative Greg Hughes, Draper, UT
Senator Scott Jenkins, Plain City, UT
Business Owner, Utah Senate
Senator Peter Knudson, Brigham City, UT
Orthodontist/State Senator, Self-Employed/State Senator
Senator Mark Madsen, Lehi, UT
Representative Mike Morley, Spanish Fork, UT
Representative, Utah House of Representatives
Representative Paul Neuenschwander, Bountiful, UT
Representative, Legislature
I believe it is unconscionable that the state board and local boards allow students with such poor math skills to graduate. The students and the "professionals" must be held accountable for such basic knowledge before studnets are allowed to graduate. Paul Neuenschwander
Representative Mike Noel, Kanab, UT
Representative, Utah House
Please sign me up as a strong proponent of increasing math skills in our public schools. Rural Utah has a supply of great young people who know how to work and just need the direction and the instruction to succeed. Thanks to Senator Valentine and Dayton for their work in this effort. Mike Noel
Representative Patrick Painter, Nephi, UT
Representative, Utah House
Representative Stephen Sandstrom, Orem, UT
Architect, Sandstrom Associates Architecture
I am committed to moving the children of our state forward with a math program that will prepare them to compete with the rest of the world.
Senator Howard Stephenson, Draper, UT
Representative Kenneth Sumsion, American Fork, UT
Senator Kevin VanTassell, Vernal, UT
Banker, Senate
Senator Michael Waddoups, Taylorsville, UT
Property Manager - Senator,
Senator Carlene Walker, Salt Lake City, UT
Senator, Utah Senate


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