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Have you ever wondered why so many Charter schools are having success in our area? They seem to fill pretty quickly. These results may provide the answer.

If you were one of the over 50 people that participated in our Investigations Math poll, thank you very much. I think the results have been interesting and hopefully will provide some insight into how we can better come to an understanding of what our children are being taught in math and how to improve that important knowledge base.

Background for Investigations math Poll

Personally, I have had a fairly negative attitude toward the Investigations Math program but due to our elementary school principal maintaining that the program was good, I have tried to keep an open mind about it.

I was surprised a couple months ago (March 2005) at a community meeting to become acquainted with a few parents that absolutely loved Investigations Math. These were the first people I had met that felt that way that weren't teachers or somehow connected to the school district.

At this meeting, I told the school board they ought to conduct a poll and see why there is such a disconnect between the school district personnel that love the program, and the parents that greatly dislike the program. I got several patronizing head nods and knew they would do nothing about it. So I decided to go ahead and create a survey in hopes of discovering the answer myself.

I was referred by the school board to an individual in the school district in charge of the math program and after hoping for some publicity to make the survey results more inclusive of a larger population all across the district, was finally told that if the school district wanted to run a survey such as this, they had the resources to do it on their own web site. In other words, nice poll Oak, but if we wanted to know people's opinions, WE'D ask them.

I have attempted to make the questions as fair as possible and one school board member that responded to me privately on the survey did recognize that I had attempted to keep any bias out of the survey so I felt like I had struck the proper balance to make this as objective as possible.


The next several pages will detail the results of this survey. I have looked at every question compared to every question. This was a very tedious and manual process, however, I think it is enormously beneficial to understanding the data.

Some of the responses I received were not valid (see the Q10 page), but I did get a good number of responses with 52 individuals taking the poll. I also recognize that I didn't perform a true random sampling but I did get a variety of responses and in analyzing them believe there is merit to the survey and it should be closely examined by the school board, teachers, and parents to understand what Investigations Math is all about. In the process of separating those that rate the program high vs. low, a lot can be learned about some weaknesses in the program and its implementation.

On each of the sub-pages, I have removed some of the graphs that do not portray "interesting" comparisons between items. For example, it is interesting to note the number of people that say they really LIKE/LOVE the Investigations Math program with how many of them think the schools are NOT doing a good job implementing it. It is NOT very interesting to see how many parents that think their child is not progressing fast enough compared to how many think the program is too slow because those questions are too similar in nature.

After the question response pages there are a couple pages of analysis of this program as it compares to traditional math and another popular program being used in other school districts and charter schools called Saxon math. I have marked with asterisks the most essential pages for you to read on the menu below. If you skim the site, at least read those pages as they are vital to understanding what is really happening with this program. Then I have provided you with links to contact the school board and make your own personal desires known to them on the conclusion page.

This menu is at the bottom of every page:

Investigations Math Poll Introduction and Question Summary*

Poll Conclusion and Action Steps

Investigations Math Menu

** Most important pages to read (all have value but if you will only read a few pages make it these)
* Very important

Research and Information Press Coverage

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Pro-Investigations websites (for anyone interested)

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Investigations Math Poll Introduction and Question Summary*


Additional articles are covered in weekly updates since April 2007

Victory in Utah - State to Revamp Standards (11/16/06)

Major Breaking News...NCTM does a 180 after 17 years of destroying math in America

It must really irritate the folks at Alpine School District (ASD) who have taken to calling all my work "biased and flawed" to have such no-name disreputable organizations pandering to my lies. The legacy of ASD will be the disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of students unable to obtain a technical higher education degree.

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Rebuttal Letter to Editor: Math approach is harmful

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1/29/06 Salt Lake Tribune - Charter School Funding Tight

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12/18/05 Provo Daily Herald -Math doesn't add up for all

12/13/05  15 Charter Schools Scheduled to Open Next Year

11/24/05 Provo Daily Herald - Parents mad over new math curriculum (be sure to read the comments)



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