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No Child Left Behind

Congratulations to Utah Legislators for standing up to the Federal No Child Left Behind. It's time states took back the lead in educating our children and came out from under the control of the Federal government. Were you aware that item 10 in the Communist Manifesto is to have free public education for all children? Why you ask? So that those under the influence of federal money have to be taught a standardized curriculum dictated by those in power. The founding fathers wanted public education, but to be paid directly by the parents to the school. Scholarships were set up by the wealthy as charitable endowments for the poor to be able to attend school and it was a privilege, not a right. That changed the way students behaved because they wouldn't get an education otherwise.

Bringing God back to our Schools

Here's a law we ought to get passed in Utah that won approval in Mississippi. It makes mandatory the posting of the national motto, "In God We Trust" in every classroom in the state. It also allows for the display of religious texts such as the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes. We ought to be willing to fight for our rights and not let the ACLU threaten us into submission.

States Rights

Does the federal government ever make you nervous with the amount of power they have? Montanans have done something about it. The federal government was supposed to be held in place by our constitution, a small set of items that we could collectively give control to someone else to handle. Article 10 said that ANYTHING else not mentioned in the constitution was a state issue and should not be legislated by the federal body. That lasted all of a few years. So in an effort to specify who's really in charge, Montanans passed a law that tells the feds who's the boss when they come to town. Every state should have one of these laws passed.

Celebrating the Constitution

Did you know that there is actually a federal law specifying that we should celebrate the constitution in schools every year?:
"Public Law 108-477 Sec 111 (b) Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution."
It seems to me that if we really believe the constitution to be inspired of God and it is one of the few texts that is allowed to be taught in schools, we ought to be doing everything we can to teach the constitution and treat it as if it were scripture. Certainly the principles upon which it was founded are scriptural and thus teaching the reasons why statements and articles were formed would be excellent moral teachings without necessarily bringing religion into the classroom. An excellent resource for a high school class is Cleon Skousen's textbook The Making of America. It's available at this website along with resources for having a Constitution Week each year.

Judge: "If you don't like the ruling, have the legislature change the law."

When's the last time you heard that? Never? It's because too many judges are taking the law unto themselves. They are assuming the writing of law when it was only given to them to rule on law. Some people think the three branches of government are co-equal. They're not. The legislature was given the most power for a reason. You have a large body of men and women that have to agree on how to make laws. To get a consensus takes effort. The president, the executive branch, has veto power to control those laws to some extent, but ultimately the congress can override a veto and the president can't do anything about it. The judiciary is there to govern according to those laws. If a judge gets out of line and starts creating laws out of nowhere, there is a process for the congress to remove those judges. However, we have rarely seen such a display of courage to keep the constitution protected in it's simple perfection.


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