In God We Trust Poster Project

In God We Trust Poster
Actual Poster Size 11" x 14"

In God We Trust National Motto Poster Project

Want to have a lasting and meaningful Eagle Scout Project ?

Get approval to raise funds to distribute these posters to all the public schools in your region or state.

Here's what to do. (new instructions will be posted shortly)

1) Get permission from your local scout committee to pursue this as a project.

2) If you obtain permission you'll need to have someone sign off as a sponsor or someone who says it is a meaningful project and will benefit them.  The best person to do this is probably a state legislator.

3) Once you are able to start, here's the steps you'll need to take:

  • For a state level project get a list of all the school districts in the state and their superintendent's contact information.
  • Contact each district to find out how many classrooms or teachers they have and then add 10% to the poster count to be on the safe side.
  • When you have a final count get bids on the project from a couple local printing companies and then you'll know how much you need to raise for the posters.  Then calculate approximate shipping and handling charges with the help of the printer you've selected by calculating the weight of the posters and the quantities you'll ship.  Now you know the total you need to raise.
  • Do your fund raising. Call on civic groups to donate, sit at stores to collect, go door to door, etc...
  • Get the posters printed, shipped, and do your writeup to finish the project.